Three Volcanos Erupt / The Black Smoke

This Prediction has happened, three volcanos are starting to erupt.  The Volcano in Russia is surrounded by icy land, assuming that the 22nd is a date, we are off by a few days. The gruesome addition to “Mass Destruction” has not unfolded.  The Prediction reads:

“We are expecting a volcano eruption as well, we are working on the where.” Predicted November 29 under Prediction 57: Foot Notes

“Finally the notes of the Prediction that is holding everything up Mass Destruction: A visual of mass smoldering smoke covering a massively large area. Smoke has in the past represented destruction. The scope of the destruction was massive and the scene showed an icy land, but is that symbolic to an icy, cold tone? I assumed it meant a volcano and that’s a strong possibility, because I can’t really imagine anything else creating such enormous damage. But there are other more questionably cautious possibilities, a bomb, a chemical attack or spill.  One message said, “Anyone who stays behind will probably not survive.”.  This situation is slotted for the end of December and was given the number 22. In some ways I hope it’s a Volcano eruption because the other glaring possibility is the sum of fears out of Syria.” – Predicted December 5th under Coming Predictions

The Facts:

­Plosky Tolbachik on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, dormant since its most notable recent eruption in 1975, is spilling up to 1,200 metric tons of lava every second – a record amount – and spewing clouds of ash nearly 3,000 meters into the air. Quoted News on December 17th by RT

“The Tungurahua volcano in central Ecuador spewed gas and ash Monday December 17th, prompting the government to issue an alert and the evacuation of villages near the volcano.” Quoted by LA Times,0,1639642.story

Guatemala’s Pacaya Volcano spits ash, gases. Pacaya Volcano, located 47 kilometers south of the capital, has had increased activity in recent days with ash and gas being released into the air. Quoted News by TicoTimes on December 19th

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