Connecticut School Shooting

Prediction 56 “Another Violent Tragedy” has happened.  It was predicted November 22 and happened December 14.  Everything presented reflects a mixed prediction of two tragic events the Oregon Mall Shooting and the Connecticut School Shooting. The Prediction and Notes read:

The man (men) clothed in darkness commits horrible acts. The people have to defend themselves, from the emergency that puts them in jeopardy. Multiple people are shot, others need to guard up to protect themselves. Let them be remembered for their greatness. Another Violent Tragedy – Tom – Thomas.

Notes from the other side:
■A picture of the Last Supper hanging down with Jesus’s picture larger than expected? It’s not clear how this relates to the rest of the prediction, perhaps it relates verbally to “the last supper” as if there was a dining situation or a religion connection.
■“Help Us!” ” What the hell happened” “They have to defend themselves” “Protect yourself guard up” “Tom” “Thomas” “You’re in jeopardy, your doomed” “Let me be remembered for my greatness” How does the name “Thomas” Relate?
■9-1-1 spelled out, then lights of police and ambulance glaring in the background.
■A young man who changed his shirt to black, this is a familiar message of someone who either brings death or commits grossly immoral acts. The opposite is true for a visual of someone dressed in white. Their was another man in the background but it was unclear as to his role.
■1,2,3… people shot a very horrible scene.

Help us facilitate change, change comes by making everyone aware.

The Facts: More than two dozen people, mostly children, were shot and killed at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school this morning by a heavily armed man who was killed inside the building, federal and state sources tell ABC News. Quoted News:–abc-news-topstories.html

We must work at changing the tragedies of these predictions. I need to focus on providing more details while I need your help bringing awareness to others.  Changing these tragedies continues to be the purpose of predicting these events, and I truly believe one day we can accomplish that goal.

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  1. jaymison Avatar

    hmmmmm, how was it predicted? doesnt quite explain

  2. Eric LP Avatar

    It was predicted November 22nd as Prediction 56 “Another Violent Tragedy” all you have to do is scroll down below to see its original post and date, its about 9-10 posts down.

  3. susan Avatar

    Protect yourself. guard up.
    thanks for sharing.

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