Summary of the ‘Reds’ Riddle

Under “Prediction 7 Still Stands” which predicted the re-election of President Obama, where two vague obscure messages. One of them clearly about the Senate seats going to the Democrats and this one:

“The reds get caught with dirty hands, Cheaters! Cheaters never prosper”

In our discussions they have connected this riddle to the alleged allegations that Florida Republican state party members engineered laws to suppress democratic voter turnout.  Assuming the allegations are correct their actions backfired on them as Democratic voters came out in unprecedented numbers in spite of the suppression. This lead to a national embarrassment for Florida’s failure to competently oversee voting polls and a failure to count the vote in a timely manner. In the end Florida voters would choose Democratic re-elect Obama. The true facts of the Republicans intentions are hazy and debatable between both parties.

The Examiners headline reads: “Florida GOP leaders says voting law was intended to suppress the vote” To read more:

2 thoughts on “Summary of the ‘Reds’ Riddle

  1. So they had nothing to say about massive voter fraud by the (red) Democrats in numerous cities and states, but focused on an alleged Florida Republican vote suppression scheme (taking dead people and illegal immigrants off the rolls)? Are your spirits Democrats?

    1. They don’t vote so they don’t have a preference. From past predictions they have pointed to both party issues and call it how they see it.

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