Prediction 55: Brazil Flooding

In Brazil and on the north-east part of South America there will be a massive storm that will create very deep flooding, extensive destruction, mudslides, and raging waters. This unfolds in the first half of December.

Notes from the other side:

  • I saw a man trying to get from one side of the land to another in a jungle like terrain, only his head was visible as he crossed the flooded area.
  • Ornaments of green and red were coming out of the boxes making this late November or the month of December.
  • Latin America where the star sits? Brazil perhaps?

In other news we are diligently working on 2013, we are also working on several answers to many of your questions; cyber attacks, earthquakes, and their view of the Presidents next four years. I have been bursting at the seams waiting to actually share some very exciting positive changes that unfold in 2013 but they have asked me to wait till the new cycle of predictions start so expect to see them in January.

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