Summary of Prediction 46 Part 2

Prediction 46 posted October 10th reads: Joe Biden is the winner of the Vice Presidential Debate. Mitt Romney is again the winner of the Presidential Debate. They continue to say Obama is re-elected President of the United States. Original post:

Lexington notebook reported on October 18th: “As much a verbal brawl as a discussion of policy, the second presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney ended in a draw-” Quoted news:

I thought it was a draw, several news outlets said Obama got a slight upper hand, and for this part of the prediction we are wrong. Obama did get the best zingers. The first part of the prediction unfolded correctly and unless something mind-boggling unfolds I think its safe to say the last part will happen,.. we will see. With that I have learned that we should not predict events that cannot be verified by actual facts, when it comes to opinionated news predicting events isn’t our strong suit.

2 responses to “Summary of Prediction 46 Part 2”

  1. Aaron Leigh-pink Avatar

    I really hope Obama is not president. However Obama is very confident that he will be and if he is I think it has something to do with bilderberg. There have been to many references linking Obama to bilderbeg and the presidency from handshakes to conversations caught on camera when he thought he was off camera to actually meetings.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Whats Bilderberg, I am not familiar with that??

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