Summary of Prediction 46 Part 1

Prediction 46 “Presidential Debate” posted October 10 reads: Joe Biden is the winner of the Vice Presidential Debate. Mitt Romney is again the winner of the Presidential Debate. They continue to say Obama is re-elected President of the United States. Original Post:

NBC News reported on October 12: So who won? If you judge a debate on who took the fight to his opponent, who best defended his top of the ticket, and who best attacked the other side, you’d have to say it was Biden. Quoted News:

Honestly I thought it was a draw with Biden having a slight lead in making his points. Each side is claiming victory, and depending on which slanted news you watch they report different winners. There lies the problem, with everyone choosing their own and in my opinion I thought Biden delivered better, opinion style predictions cannot be verified. After finishing these debates I think it best to stay away from predictions that cannot be verified by actual facts.

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