Summary of Prediction 36

Prediction 36 Gas Spike is starting to unfold.

Prediction 36 Posted August 27th Reads: In the U.S., even though it’s already high,  gas prices go through the roof.  The National Oil Reserve might become an option

Reuters Reported October 5th: “Californians hit with unprecedented gasoline price jump. SAN FRANCISCO/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Californians awoke on Friday to yet another unprecedented spike in the price of gasoline that brought the one-week increase in the Golden State to a whopping 36 cents a gallon.” Quoted news:–finance.html

My Comments: They failed to mention that California would be affected the most, perhaps this prediction was in part for me since I live in California.  The spirits say it will continue rising in the next few weeks. The second spike (National) is expected around the same time Iran is at war, which is just around the corner.  This is just the first wave. We will continue to try to give new predictions that unfold in a matter of weeks instead of several months.


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