Summary of Prediction 27

Prediction 27 Positive Jobs Report is unfolding:   7.8 Percent Unemployement.

Prediction 27 posted June 9th reads: In the coming months there will be a positive bump in the U.S. jobs report. The stalled economy is replaced with some positive movement. A sign of happier times to come. Original Post:

BBC reported October 5th: The US unemployment rate fell last month to its lowest rate since January 2009,  figures from the Department of Labor have shown, surprising analysts who had been expecting a small rise. Quoted News:

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Prediction 7 The Next US President, Posted March 8th Reads: Obama is Re-elected. As the elections close the economy is improving but far from what Americans are use to.  All the same its improvement becomes the major influence on the coming elections. Expected Time Frame: November 2012 Original Post:


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