Summary of Prediction 42

My Comments: Romney had more than a slight upper hand in the first debate, though I don’t think Obama was hammered down I don’t believe calling it a tie was correct either. Romney symbolically got “most of the cheers” and yes I personally thought it was kind of boring.

Prediction 42 Posted October 1 reads: US presidential debate; between the two candidates the outcome comes across as an evenly split victory, call it a stalemate or tie, there does not seem to be a clear winner of the debate. Some will say Romney has a slight upper hand and is moderately successful.

Notes: Here is the symbolic messages from the spirits that created this prediction, feel free to create your own translation.

  • A lining up of red and blue buttons all of them failing to beat the other.
  • Romney at a podium with people clapping with Romney signs, as if to point out who would get the majority of cheers from the US audience, but a slanted view.
  • One of the spirits said it was boring. I am not sure though whether they mean that as an opinion of the people or if the spirit is just giving his own personal take on our politics. Original Post:

Yahoo News Reported on October 3: “Romney goes on offense against subdued Obama in first debate Faced with several recent polls showing Romney falling behind, the GOP candidate may have bought himself some added time after Wednesday’s debate, where he appeared on the offensive against Obama.” Quoted News site:–election.html



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