Prediction 42: The Presidential Debate

US presidential debate; between the two candidates the outcome comes across as an evenly split victory, call it a stalemate or tie, there does not seem to be a clear winner of the debate. Some will say Romney has a slight upper hand and is moderately successful.

Notes: Here is the symbolic messages from the spirits that created this prediction, feel free to create your own translation.

  • A lining up of red and blue buttons all of them failing to beat the other.
  • Romney at a podium with people clapping with Romney signs, as if to point out who would get the majority of cheers from the US audience, but a slanted view.
  • One of the spirits said it was boring. I am not sure though whether they mean that as an opinion of the people or if the spirit is just giving his own personal take on our politics.

My bad I went out of order with the numbering of the predictions.

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