Mexico Volcano Popocatepetl Erupts

This prediction has happened. Yesterday spirit reminded me of the 3rd and 4th , marking both of them. I clearly remembered the earthquake they predicted in Mexico but instead it was the Mexico Volcano that happened? I need to ask for clarity. I have added the last prediction as an example that they are naming the exact volcano known as “Popo”.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 5-19-19 “Volcano.. eruption.. pinto..” That implies Mexico. This prediction could mirror a previous one: 

World Predictions 4-25-19 I had a visual of a map of Central America. Then the southern shoreline of Mexico was circled. Earthquake 66 (6.6?) in about 3

Predictions 6-13-18 “Pinto is starting to boil.. caution” That is a reference to the Volcano is Mexico. In the previous predictions it ended up being the Popo volcano.

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