The Podcast Collection

“My first reading” is a collection of how this all started and how we started the World Predictions. It’s how it all began and the story is unique. I would love feedback on this Podcast. Still a novice at all this technology I am open to suggestions.

In other news, I would remind you of this old prediction, we are predicting a summer like no other now, it was posted in 2014, but Spirit has already brought it up. (So have you)

For the 21st Century The winters will become colder, the summers so much hotter, the oceans will consume the coast lines, your poison does its damage in droves, be careful because if you don’t change your food supply will be choked and you will starve, a global drought, a global famine. Your educated say the threat comes in the next few centuries and we are telling you.. it happens in this one.

I had a strange visual, of this completely empty city and the sun poured down heat. You were given the impression that just as if a snow storm rolled in and the city shut down, so too did it shutdown for blistering hot temperatures. It became a common theme in the future where temperatures raged to extremes. Prepare yourself

Meet the Spirit who oversees all World Predictions
Three parts, The Beginning, My First Reading, My Very First World Predictions. How it began.
I say it all the time; Spirits Voice, I will ask Spirit? But who is that?
Answering the most controversial question. The Conception of Life.

My work space for my World Predictions: Here is a picture of the real sphere that I use. You see the fancy brass sphere with my initials all the time, here is the real one. Also note the symbol. That’s the triangle, star, mentioned in “My First Reading” .