World Predictions 6-1-23 “Collapse”

I pray in the most holy of places. It’s a set of four trees in the most serene of Mother Nature. Then two other trees in front of me leading to a cliff, allowing me to see San Diego below. It all looks magically like rows of trees with an odd addition, a small little tree right in front of my path. Here I pray. Here I ask for blessings and clarity from the highest of authority. This is not where I do world predictions, but that is what came next:

“Collapse.. Collapse.. a complete Collapse.. failure.. end”
I had a vision I was staring down at the ground. On the ground was three circles but the shape was warped, as if a child drew the circle. One small circle sat at the center and then another larger circle, and a much much larger third circle, all of them circling within themselves. In the center, lines went out in all directions creating this odd web like shape. Then I heard cracking and thunder, it was horribly loud. All of the lines collapsed and turned to dust. The dust pushed up in the vision and then all I could see was dust.

Then as I opened my eyes after the vision, there she stood, by one of the trees. Her dress was an ornate blue dress that had Indian fabric and laced with multiple jewels and diamonds, the dress had a Victorian air to it as it flowed largely in the bossom . Her hair was a perfect silk black, that flowed down. Behind her was the most massive Lion. Above her, crows flocked in circulation. She gave me a Mona Lisa smile, not opening her mouth, and then disappeared as if air in the wind. The great ancient one, Lord “Ma Ra”

Oh this is a very bad. Last time Ma Ra was here was February 2020. Do you recall all the change that came after that moment. But the collapsing message is equally terrifying. In 2011 I made one of my very first world predictions, I had a vision of a clay plate being pulled from the ocean and then smashed it to dust. The Japanese Tsunami would follow. In January 2020 I had a vision of a gold coin, then it was smashed into dust. Soon afterward the economy crashed due to Covid. This message is epic and large. But what??

At first I immediately leaned in on earthquake. It was on the ground. But web? Maybe the Internet crashes? Maybe something web like, a web of lies, a web of terror? Ma Ra presence would imply two things, mass death, or the hand of justice. Then I went back to my teachings of communication with Spirit. Students please pay attention here.. “We are birds flying, watching, observing the foreign terrain of your world, oddly confused at times,, we will always keep it simple for you.” Then like that it hit me, birds looking down at lines??? Break out Google Map… go ahead I will wait… now type in “Moscow”.

Moscow is set to collapse.

I lack certainty. I will ask for the details in the coming days over this odd vision. But as predicted, however late I might be.. this nightmare is ending with Putins collapse. The month May never happened but its coming.. coming soon.

Moving Forward Eric will need your full name, Date of Birth, time of birth, and where you were born. I have learned the past is key to seeing the future. The more details I have the more details of the future I can see.