Florida Mall Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened.  Fireball? The number 7 was shown, we are off by one day.

Predictions 3-21-17   I  had a visual I was walking down a sidewalk, on one side was a parking lot on the other side was the back of a mall. I walked into the mall to see people scrambling for safety. In the background you could hear shots being fired. I saw to the left of me a picture of a hamburger in the window.  In the corner of my eye I saw a fireball race by.
Part of me believes they are implying a food court, but it could also be just a set of different restaurants. The fireball could be a launcher of some kind.
I had a visual of the number 7 carved into a wooden plaque.
“Everyone get inside!”

Could it also have ties to this prediction? That puts into question Pittsburgh message.

Q31 – I had a visual of a man pointing a gun, shooting a gun, in what looked like a mall or strip mall. In the background of this city was a stadium of some kind. “22nd/23rd”


Florida Mall Shooting

This prediction has happened.  It ends up unrelated to the Berlin prediction:

Notes on 1-16-15  “These attacks are about to start up again. another one..”
“Berlin.. Moscow.. the 19.. another attack.. guns, shots fired.. pain (or baine).. 11″ — Spirits Voice
Whether related or not, I keep getting visuals of a mall attack as well.
The facts: “A second person has died after a shooting Saturday in the food court of a central Florida mall, Melbourne police said.  A third person injured in the shooting at the Melbourne Square Mall was in stable condition at a local hospital.” Quoted by http://edition.cnn.com/2015/01/17/us/florida-mall-shooting/index.html