World Predictions 7-18-20

I am sorry Florida what horrible news.
I had a visual the Spirits painted Florida black for the third time. This time they went out of their way to show the brush, the black thick wet paint crossing the southern shoreline.
What does that mean Spirit?
I had a visual where they showed a speeding number count of those catching the Coronavirus. Then the number blinked red as if reaching its limits, but it kept going, redder and redder, blinking more and more. “Florida, take action now or all you will be left with is horrible decisions to make.”
Then something happens.
I had a visual I was staring at Florida oddly during a sunny day? Then the visual flipped, I was viewing Florida from its height; shoreline and mountain terrain. Then suddenly the ocean tide consumed swaths of Florida. So much water came in at such speed.
I had a visual of so many people trapped in waist deep.
8 and 10:02

Is that August and October? Sudden flooding, mass consumption of land, how is that possible? Perhaps something odd like a Meteor ocean impact, or is it like a thief in the night, an unexpected huge storm? My hope is to refocus and gather more details here. I will say unfortunately all of this sounds like a previous message: PREDICTIONS ON 10-26-15

”The leader has cancer.. truly tragic.. unfortunately has to step down or away.”

Out of respect the Spirits did not say who. However they implied it would be a major event. They implied this person struggled with cancer before and used the word “Presidential”

I had a visual I was in a desert, there was one epic fire, huge smoke stacks. I believe it was a factory or oil refinery. The smoke was so thick it was hard to see.
The implication was an area in or around Saudi Arabia. It was unclear if it was an attack or one tragic event.

(re-edited 7-18-20 12:06)

Spirits Voice:

We understand humans desire to be tribal. It’s in your nature.. but why do you have to be so cruel while tribal. Seriously what is gained? Fire on fire only ensures that more of you will burn.. and that is all you will ever gain in cruelty.

A reminder of old message coming soon:

PREDICTIONS 4-18-16 I had a visual of lines going up and down, then the lines plummeted.
“China stained.. the markets fall.. the countries with unstable economies begin to collapse”

Is 2 25 the large earthquake? PREDICTION: WEST COAST EARTHQUAKES