Predictions 10-7-18

In mid month.. Texas.. the shooting in Dub len.

First will come the tropical storms and then the three hurricanes arrive.

“Boiling point reached.. ethnic cleansing .. such horror.”

Spirit also talked about “America Airlines” treating someone (employee or customer) “Most egregiously”

Your wrong… a voice said.. No we are not.. Spirit said.. the Truth always prevail.. and there is more coming.. exposure.. then it ends before it really starts.   I had a visual of a light switch that was off, then Spirit walked by and turned it on.

Three hurricanes? I only know of two? I need a bit more details on Texas and Mexico. Then we focus on catching up on the Truths. The last message almost implied Spirit had a hand in making it happen. Thoughts on Dub len. Is there a location that sounds like that in Texas? Street?