Truth: The Purpose of Life According to an Angel

Meeting Angels, or Lords as they are titled in the Spiritual Realm is always absolute splendor even if its just a vision, but this Ancient being is grace on tap. I see her with overwhelming admiration for all that she stands for. She is simply referred to as the “Mother”. The story of her is a novella in itself, so here we sit in the middle of the story, as I asked her, “What is the Purpose of Life?”

“Joy Dear. Joy is the Purpose.” The Angel said as she sipped her Tea.

My initial reaction was perplexing. But then she explained it to me. She asked me to consider my place in the cosmos. You are a spec of sand on one massive sphere. That massive sphere is a spec of sand in a massive universe and that universe is a spec in the cosmos. Are you a master of the universe yet? Consider your smaller place in the stars, who’s only objective is to support, serve, protect and most of all love, all that is around you. From the family that gave you birth, to the neighbor you don’t know, to the animals and trees, take care of it all, and do it well, be support and love for all life that crosses your path. Now if I commit to that, and you do it, and everyone does it everywhere, we will have Joy. Just endless Joy.

Then she took me outside to the night sky, but her sky was filled with bright stars as far as the eye could see.

“When your ready, and only after your ready, then this..” As she raised her arms to the sky “Can all be yours, as long as you take care of it.”

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  1.  Avatar

    I truely believe so. Heaven is joyful. But on earth, only by living to help others, may we have a chance to be reborn in heaven.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is this misunderstand of time, as if it was equitable, or even. It is not. We come here for at best 100 years, when we go back, thousands of years will pass before you return, but this place sits in the center of it all, so its time is utterly different from all others. It moves endlessly in circles and cycles, instead of the endless spheres we have here in our universe. So understand time is nothing at all the same over there. It actually is confusing, sometimes you feel you have been in heaven forever and sometimes a day.

      1.  Avatar

        So if Time is relative and different in heaven, when and if we choose to come back. Can we choose WHEN to come back to the Past, Present or Future?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Hi A, again it doesn’t entirely work that way. Normally, we come in groups, like birds flocking together. So that those around you are individuals your already connected too, a lineage of individuals, but there are expectations to the rules.

      2.  Avatar

        Thanks Eric, for your explanation. I am a Buddhism student and one of the talks was about time on Earth and time in the various levels of heaven, the lesson was on trying to equate a day in heaven versus human time. It is interesting and enlightening to read about your understanding, time in circles and cycles.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks, A, I hope you find your enlightenment, as if have. 😇

  2. Blue Sky Avatar
    Blue Sky

    I tried to post before but somehow got erased, so I try again to express how I feel. I am not sure about ‘joy’ being the purpose of life. It is too shallow and superficial perhaps. Lately, I often feel sad because of what I see people doing in this world. After Covid and vaccinations a lot has changed – there was hope which turned into ashes. People did not learn much in the end. Instead of nurturing and care, there is more destruction and aggression. How can one feel joy here? The purpose of life is impossible to reach if it is only joy. Instead perhaps the purpose of life is to learn and improve, love and care, and be grateful – even without joy, filled with sadness, the way I feel now.

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