Ukraine Takes Back the South

World Prediction: Moscow Under Attack
“In other news we expect Ukraine to start taking the south.”

Posted July 30th 2023

Slava Ukraini

I know its a simple prediction. But we are testing, testing, testing. To see if we can predict within a “months” time. This one barely made it, the last test was the prediction below. All designed to predicting what is coming “Next”. World Prediction 3-11-23 The Prediction came a few weeks later. Now comes part 2 of our testing. Put a location to the “Next”. What is next for Pakistan? What is next for China? What is next for Brazil?

Predictions 7-16-17
“Russia.. Moscow.. under attack.. transportation hubs.. bloody explosions.. terror.. terror.. 3 (they might have said 30).. 7” I had a visual of people walking by then an explosion throwing people across the hall. I had a visual of a sign that showed an airplane symbol, I had a visual of tracks of a subway or train.

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3 thoughts on “Ukraine Takes Back the South

  1. Do you expect Ukraine to succeed in taking back its southern areas? I mean, in cutting Russia’s land connection to Crimea. Your first few predictions related to this conflict pointed to Russia eventually being left with just a narrow strip of land in the east. Of course, Crimea is a different story; would you have an update on it? A 2014 prediction about Crimea suggests it would eventually become an independent country with close ties to Russia – as a result of negotiations between different parties (a post-war conference?).

  2. Now Strelkov (Igor Girkin), who is in prison, is saying he’s ready to run for president and to challenge Putin:
    He is the person found guilty of downing Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. After his announcement, I believe he may not live for long. On the other hand, he used to be treated by the state media as a clown of some kind, so it is uncertain if Putin would regard him as a serious rival.

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