Hurricane Hilary Strikes San Diego Predicted in 2015

Predictions on 10-26-15 I had a visual of a Hurricane heading towards Florida. However in what has to be one of the most outrageous predictions, they predicted that a large Hurricane would swipe southern California, which is unheard of. I asked Spirit are there any Hurricanes that will hit the US? “Yes” I had a visual of the word ‘home’ (San Diego California).Another moment of clarity: We are still expecting a very large earthquake in San Francisco. However they question whether the two predictions below are connected. They question whether this coming earthquake is going to be that massive. But at the same time they made it clear the San Francisco earthquake was still coming, and soon.Later they would show 6.9

Yep can see it outside the window earthquake up north. All in one day. This prediction has happened. I am Safe! Be safe everyone! Earthquake wasn’t that large.

A reminder this prediction is attached.

Predictions on 10-26-15 Spirit clarified that this prediction below is not coming this year. The massive destructive Hurricane that will damage Florida is not this year. They explained this is a visual for the entire decade. Its a reflection of how this decade will just damage the coastlines of the US with storms, Florida will be hit the hardest this decade.I had a visual of the US map. On the map there were certain areas painted in patches of grey. Patches on New York and New Jersey where colored grey, so was several gulf regions most of which where on the south east part of the gulf. Then there was Florida that was entirely painted black. This map reflects those areas affected by Hurricanes or Tropical Storms. I had a visual of a Hurricane heading towards Florida.

A bit vague: 19: Baby Bibbers “The space vehicle, or shuttle will crash”

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  1. Stay safe everyone in Southern California. My town is already in the crosshairs of Hilary. So, we have taken some action just in case the power goes out. Plenty of food and phones are fully charged. Hopefully no fatalities.

  2. all is well , and got rain, we have not seen in years , as for past events, would like to see some current ? reminds me of Nostradamus, trying to fit quatrains into what’s happening today

    1. Wow Alma you really throwing those stones hard in multiple directions. I think one of those sharp stones hit Nostradamus in the head directly because he is out cold.
      A hurricane in San Diego was the prediction. I was shocked when I saw it in the visual and I believe its historical. I could be wrong. Your stating “and got rain we haven’t seen in years” But when, was this previous Hurricane? What was its name? Because it is the historical nature of the message that is the prediction. Just like January 6th blacked out, Mars having water, a meteor striking the earth in Russia, a Hurricane in San Diego. A virus of fury coming from China… that list seems a bit much to just fit into any old situation. But thats just my opinion and it clearly has a bias.
      I get it we all judge one another. Stone throwing is the way of the land in the 21st Century and I am use to it. But the concern I have is literally the Covid prediction, the epidemic of fury (It did end up being a Pandemic) written 3 months before Covid arrived. Under the same message is another event, equally horrifying, as we debate whether I am a fake or not, the other half of the message is set to unfold, unabated. That too me would be unfortunate. I yearn for the day we are past this so we can start altering the nightmares. Because that nightmare coming really does need to be altered. Changing the nightmares I predict is our only mission here. Hopefully you and everyone else can help us with that! 👻🤗
      The October 2019 prediction:

  3. Your prediction on 9-26-15 indicates the destructive hurricane for Florida is not coming this year. Are you referencing the date of the prediction or this current year, 2023?

    1. Hi Journey. The events in the prediction like the earthquake and odd hurricane are in today’s timeline. Separately we have new predictions that talk about Florida floods. So they mirror each other

  4. Whats coming soon? I see there is a warning to get out of Belarus for US citizens. Is the Russia nuclear threat still coming?… many thanks Eric

  5. I really can’t believe that the spirits only speak about Florida! What kind of world predictions is this that it has to do mostly with the USA? USA is not the world! We are here too and we’re drowning down here in Greece and in many other countries! Silence? nothing for the rest of the world?

    1. Ukraine, Russia, thats is all we have been talking about, so I have absolutely no idea what your judgement even means? Just an FYI being rude, passing judgment, slamming your fist down like a toddler, that might fly in our world called earth. But throwing your demands at the Spiritual Realm will only give you a time out.
      Also Popi remind me how much you have paid for these services of world predictions? A service for free and your still complaining? Please by all means share your work us. Show us you know more. Please display it for all of us to see and remark on, then we can properly compare what each other is doing. Can I have your link please.

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