World Prediction: Welcome Back To 1989

World Prediction 6-29-23
I had a vision of a New Year Scroll, instead of the year 2023 it read 1989.
“Welcome Back Everyone To 1989”
in the same Philco Voice

We have done compare and contrast predictions like this one World Predictions 1-4-21

World Predictions 1-4-21
I had a visual I was floating through a hall towards, a large Philco wooden radio. Then suddenly it turned on, A DJ started talking over the radio as commercials ended.
“Welcome back everyone, welcome back to the year 1949.”

What happened in 1949? NATO formed in 1949 to be the force against Russia. A World Prediction made in 2021, warning you that you were about to step back into time, all the way back to the air of 1949 and its Iron Curtain. On 2-24-2022 this prediction would become cemented as the Ukraine War unfolded, and the Iron Curtain went back up. What happened in 1989? A massive California earthquake and freedom, as walls fell. Freedom for the eastern block of Europe. Freedom!

I am predicting we step back into another year, 1989. There was a horrible California earthquake in 1989, we do have a California earthquake prediction that never happened, but we all know what happened in 1989 right?? Walls fell. The eastern block of the Soviet Union would be FREE. I will allow you to decide which one they might be referring to if not both. But the tide just shifted.

Eric has good news? It’s all too shocking! But true.

For the last 10 years Eric and his band of Spirits traveled to warn you, Liberty would be trampled on January 6th. We described the soccer game playing as ISIS bombed Paris. We predicted a virus of fury would ravage the world. All showing you the nightmares of tomorrow. Always looking intently at tomorrows problems. But at the request of the most divine, a new path is forming. Want to know how racism ends? Let’s travel to that future timeline and report what I saw. Do you want to know how Media propaganda ends? I already looked!! Want to know how war ends? It’s a fascinating answer. We are looking and looking and I am in awe. Just as we pulled the nightmares of tomorrow, and displayed them to you, we now aim to pull at all the solutions of tomorrow and bring them here for you to use.

Which begs the question? Which came first on the timeline? The future I watched that gave us the solutions? The moment I saw that future? Or did it start in the past when you started to use the tools we gave you from the future? It’s because of this conundrum we dubbed our new chapter the “Paradox” A taste of tomorrows knowledge!

The question you should be asking, is not why are these foul individuals Racist. But why aren’t “you” what happened in your life that spared you such Ignorance. Truly look at both groups and see the glaring difference.
That is your solution.

The Spiritual Realm insists that the “Solutions” be presented by Eric, visually. So we are stuck until I can form that reality. Whether, it be an interview or YouTube, they want their representative front and center. The idea is to have a set of predictions and a vision of solutions, presented by me. So I am asking for your help. Your help with solutions to getting me out in the public arena. I am asking for donations so that I can make these videos professional. But most of all I am asking for advice. This Media, direction is uncharted territory, unfamiliar to me.

We have solutions for you too!

16 thoughts on “World Prediction: Welcome Back To 1989

  1. I do remember the 1989 earthquake very well. There was a World Series game going on at the time.

  2. you charge so much for reading and are always asking for donation. If the ideas are great they will spread. Just make tiktok videos

    1. Yamka I would like to hear any advice you have on TikTok, I am literally opening up an account today. Anything and everything please. That goes for everyone. I am Totally open to any advice. How does it work, how do I gather fans, you name it.

      1. You can set up multiple accounts on YouTube, Instagram, and others. Make the same video, and post it several times. When you have 100K views or so, they message you about setting up an account to gain a profit

        Plenty of videos on YT.

        1. That would be nice being paid for the work, then I could really funnel the money through building better. Raymond if I can bother you for your wisdom, Why do you need coins on TikTok, what is the difference between shorts and videos, other than 10 min length, are there cost to protect your site? Hidden cost?

  3. Well, I can’t afford a reading or a donation. I’m sure many can, and Eric does work hard for these predictions, and deserves to be paid. He also needs money for his web site.

    1. Thanks egwefer, the website can be expensive, especially when we have issues. As you get bigger and bigger, you have to pay more and more, a bit difficult if the service I provide on the site is free. We use to have all those ads on the site to pay for all the fees, but I replaced that with donations. I hated those ads flooding my site.
      Am I really that expensive? From what I have seen with other seers, I am actually on the lower end? Maybe I am miss informed. Perhaps we should do another half off day just like Christmas?

      1. I think your email readings should be cheaper than the ones via phone calls simply because the customer doesn’t get as much detail from them and your writing style isn’t very strong (apologies if that’s because English isn’t your first language!) Other than that I think your prices are OK. I can’t attest for the quality of them since nothing you told me has ever come to pass and the future you saw for me had me wanting to go down the road and not across the street…if you catch my drift.

    2. There is a lot of work in producing theses predictions too. I hope everyone sees, that to really get predictions requires hours, upon hours. Not that I am complaining. I adore talking with heaven.

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