Trump Indictments Predicted in 2017

July is around the corner and the location is the Florida beach. The year is 2017. We warned you that Two to Three indictment were coming for the Trump family. Now its criminal indictments, we predicted that back in 2016 just as Donald Trump was becoming President. During Trumps start as president we would predict how it would all come to an end and we have arrived at that moment. With July around the corner I can say this is where Trumps days close. This historical prediction has happened.

We have accomplished a great moment. It is very exciting for me. It has been our goal in 2016 to predict politics. From Razak, to Khan, Putin to Johnson, and Al Assad, we predicted them all. The more accurate the prediction. The more closer to our goal we become. Because with every accurate moment, I convince you a little bit more of the the talent behind the work. For Trump; “Two to three indictments are coming back to back,” “Impeachment tried twice.” “No evidence of direct collusion with Donald Trump.. vindication!” . All historical moments and all of them predicted here. So at a later date, when the infamous leader known as “Red” arrives. A leader who will make Hitler look like a choir boy. I will warn you. I will scream from the mountain the Devil Incarnate has arrived, and all I will have is the history of my work to convince you. I do hope you are convinced. So we stop “Red” from ever rising. I feel we are ready. You?

Do you see the accuracy. Then I ask you share our work. Share it in this moment where the Circus has arrived. Share it with the social media tools below. Because its time to get to work. Time to alter the tragedies we predict. Time to warn our world and share the blessings of the Spiritual Realm.

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14 thoughts on “Trump Indictments Predicted in 2017

  1. I have been following the predictions about Trump and the one question that comes to mind? Does he get convicted or he gets acquitted? Remember, the Florida judge who is presiding the case was appointed by Trump and she has been reprimanded for her handling of the document case. For that judge to be “randomly selected” seems questionable to me. I worry (need to stop worrying so much) that he might be acquitted.

    1. May I quote my own work, recognize its not good for Biden either: World Predictions: November 3rd “It sounds like Biden gets the votes. Spirit implied one of the US leaders falls ill. They implied one of the leaders fights the law and loses.”

      1. I agree Eric. I’m a worry ward and that’s not good thinking on my part. Hopefully… everything will get better soon. What a crazy time we live in.

        1. November 3rd prediction: “It sounds like Biden gets the votes. Spirit implied one of the US leaders falls ill. They implied one of the leaders fights the law and loses. They are consistently showing the military one as the eventual president.”
          There is another prediction, that might be connected. It talks about a leader getting Cancer. Then new leadership took over. Whether the two are related is still in question .

    2. Fabian, I understand your fears….I have them too. But hopefully he won’t be acquitted. Hopefully they’ll pick another judge at some point. Also, don’t forget he’s likely to be indicted on starting the insurrection, and also charges of trying to get Raffensberger to “find” him more votes illegally in Georgia.
      He’s got a lot of serious charges, in addition to keeping classified documents and then lying about returning them.

      I hope justice finally wins. If I’d incited an insurrection or stolen classified documents and then lied about having them, I’d be in prison long before now. Trump shouldn’t be treated any differently.

  2. Unrelated, but I just learned Xi Jinping is teaching the Grade schools in China in how, honestly, I don’t want to even describe, its too dark and upsetting.

    Its plain brainwashing and very evil, they’re teaching how to hate amongst other things.

  3. You also said Trump would not finish his presidency because of impeachment. He completed his term. You even got the 50/50 chance of if either UK leaves EU or not wrong which is kinda crazy for a person who claims to see the future. But then you predicted a plane crash in the Alps few weeks before it happened. So I don’t know what to think of it at all. You also never predicted the Turkey Earthquake which is the most people died from an incident since 2010 and I would of thought that would be the most important prediction to make in the last 10 years after Covid which you did predict. Your California earthquake hasn’t come and you been predicting that for a long time too.

    I don’t know if its chance or you are just bad at predicting.

    1. All wonderful clear criticism. We stepped into our World Predictions with no references. No guide on how to do this. Do remember who trained you on your career? There are no references, no manuals on predicting the world, So the beginning was always practice. With the exception of a 15th Century seer we walked in not knowing how to do this at all. It was always just an idea. Can we alter tomorrows tragedy? Only to find out omg we can! So yes the last ten years was a band, fine tuning it’s talents. We honestly thought at the beginning of doing all this it was a great ideal to predict years ahead. The turkey earthquake was predicted years before it ever happened because we thought that would give it authenticity and make no mistake it was pure horror to see. I will always remember that view of destruction. But it failed. We learned that won’t work we need to predict events in the right now. Which inevitably lead to another criticism. As we run out of time. But we learned that. Just as all jobs are. You learn your craft. May I respectfully ask what do you do for a living and do you do it flawlessly. I would ask. Show me a perfect job. Show me that person on this planet that does everything flawlessly. Because Eric is still a pudgy human like everyone else. Some perfectionist are there, Beyoncé. Robert Dinero. But to assume perfection at the beginning of our journey when I said we are practicing this, testing this, might be an unexpectedly high expectations. But that’s over now isn’t it. Practice has ended. So now what we produce won’t be 100% but we are expecting something more. There is even talk from Spirits to erase this entire site and start over. Because bands don’t record tuning their guitars, why would we keep ours?? So Kat long story short give me another year. Let me show you just as practice officially closes, our world Predictions

    2. Brexit! That it. That’s the learning process in a nut shell. Let me predict! The UK said it would leave the EU and it sat in a lull, but now it’s all failing, so expect the UK to go back to the EU. That’s what’s coming after a new party takes control and the conservatives are out.
      Now the old Eric never spent time endlessly watching politics around the world. I would have never met Boris over the TV and his vibrant personality. He does now. The predictions related to “US” politics. Look at them! They hold details that the rest of the world Predictions does not. “Brexit UK Staying” blah, boring.. but when I predicted the US politics it’s a novel of detail. “Impeachment tried twice” “2 to 3 indictments coming” the last election has one of my most accurate parts predicted. Biden won, doubt sown, a thief tried to steal the election literally, It all comes to knowledge, me knowing, having the information. understanding the facts,
      When Micah wrote the Brexit prediction, that’s right Micah I am throwing you under the bus, he is floating by me right now. He argued. ‘If your a country saying your leaving, dragging your feet, only to return.. then your staying right? I said no not the same at all. To which they then forced me to go to class daily. Now i have to do this endless homework of watching hours of world news. I love India news! AU is fun to watch too. They are so blunt. US news sucks. They even want me to learn Spanish so I can jump into South American News.
      Learning. Always learning to retool our craft.
      Recognize last year how accurate we predicted UK politics. The Chessboard. From a King to a Queen, to another King they all fell. That happened globally as well but nothing like the UK. In the UK that happened in order, assuming you look at Truss as a “King” I have zero doubt that is because I have been sucked into the soap opera that really does have me on my edge of my seat, of the UK Parliament. FYI not a fan of Sunak.

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