2nd Class: This Friday, The Language of The Spiritual Realm

The Language of the Spiritual Realm.
With Eric Leigh-Pink as your guide.
May 12th at 6pm pacific time.
Join us.
In this class we will explore 4 subjects:
First: Spend time discussing the road so far. Have we made progress connecting to the Spiritual Realm? Has a message come through? An open discussion, in which I will have all of the Spirits available, to fine tune your goal.

Second: Power, unyielding, unwavering power. I have a key that amplifies the power that allows your light to shine so bright.

Third: Flow, Flow is vital for the Healer. Flow is motion that must be mirrored. To ensure proper communication.

Finally the Language:
Bring your list of odd Spiritual messages.
Together you and I will go over the rules, the structures, and how to best navigate their very artful language.

Email Eric Leigh-Pink at
to reserve your zoom Spot, the classes are 60$ and the payment button is linked to the Personal Reading Page.

7 responses to “2nd Class: This Friday, The Language of The Spiritual Realm”

  1. Danny Avatar

    But what is the next prediction. whats coming now?

  2. Sara Avatar

    Off-topic, but there was a mass shooting a few days ago in a Texas mall that looks like it might have been carried out by a Nazi sympathizer or some type of extremist. Is that the attack you were predicting? Or is it still coming? Your prediction mentioned a bombing, so I’m not sure this fits?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Two different events. There is an attack “January 6th” and then there was another “Racist” attack that I just could not look into because they said there was children involved. So yes the second one happened.

  3. elizabeth J Avatar
    elizabeth J

    I am scared that the government is going to take away our Social Security in July. Do you see that happening ?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They wouldn’t be that stupid. But with this debt ceiling it might be delayed. We are talking about the states right?

      1. Elizabeth J. Avatar
        Elizabeth J.

        Yes, in the U.S. I couldn’t sleep last night worrying about it. I know there will be riots if that happens.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I would prepare for delays knowing our idiot leaders. But as someone whos family spent life in the military, you don’t cross not paying us.

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