Cow Cloning

According to Spirit there will be advancements in the field of genetically engineering animals. It has it’s limits; they need a viable host, and the species must be able to adapt to the existing climates, so bringing back animals of a more ancient timeframe will be very difficult.

Predictions 12-1-17

Under the same prediction on Predictions 12-1-17 is what looks like the Train Derailment:

There was initially the feeling of a vehicle attacking people but then it shifted to a train? Then Spirit shifted to Ohio.

Also, this is coming: I had a vision of train, the train was completely on its side, a horrible derailment had unfolded. So now I search for the details, and I have to choose one over the other, train or terror attack? My gut tells me we are running out of time.

World Predictions: 12-18-22 Predictions 12-1-17

29 thoughts on “Cow Cloning

  1. I don’t want to eat genetically engineered animals. I think bringing back extinct animals is asking for trouble. Scientists need to quit playing God.

    As for Ohio train, it was carrying a toxic chemical known to cause cancer. Residents were told they are not in danger but I do not believe this.

    I am tired of all the bad news. 2023 started off bad personally & internationally. I am scared.

      1. This is excellent news. My dearest wish is to see the end of the war in Ukraine and a system change in Russia, involving the end of propaganda and lying.

  2. It will sound crazy but for many years now they try to clone everything including people and they did! Unfortunately these creatures don’t have souls… The organisation “light workers” are involved in this and its very creepy as they try to use the energy of others peoples souls! I know it sounds like a gruesome scenario but it’s unfortunately true🥲

    1. So a physical form without a soul means there would be no self animation.
      The soul is the animator. Is this what you are saying was created?
      Could you please define your understanding of ‘light workers’?
      I have never heard of an organisation call ‘light workers’.
      What is their specific name, where do they meet and how long have they been in existence?
      I’m confused as to how anyone can override the will of a specific soul to do it’s bidding, if there is no soul in the first place? Pete

        1. Ah ok. Thank you for the clarity. There are lots of fake news outlets making outrageous claims, and I would consider this one of them. The sad fact is that there are lots of gullible people out there.

  3. Liliane, I would caution against making generalizations regarding the term lightworker. You see, Eric, too, is one. I’ve never heard about the organization you mention and its questionable goals, but most lightworkers are devoted to serving noble goals and helping others. Of course, as light requires darkness, there are also actors who pose as lightworkers but who, strictly speaking, could not be regarded as such.

    1. Giving information about something we know doesn’t mean i am attacking Eric! Light worker isn’t just a word! It’s an organisation that profit from the ignorance of people who want to believe that they are saving the world. As spirit says we absolutely need to say the truth and stop the lies everywhere!
      Have a nice day!

  4. I’ve been fearing death not for myself but for my children and husband. My nightmares have been so vivid. I can’t sleep or eat and today I walk out my front door and see a bunny alive but sleeping or struggling to stay alive this was at 6:30am right in plain sight barley under the hood of my car. I thought it was in a deep sleep. I walked right up to it, it was sitting visibly breathing. My day was so busy I told myself if it doesn’t move my the time I get back from errands I’ll call vet. I get back 6 hours later and it had passed away. Is it a sign? There was no blood in sight? I feel like I’m living in twilight zone . I’ve never felt this way before my anxiety and fear of death is at a scary level.

    1. Here in Aussie it’s the 6th and my birthday. I was expecting something, but not this. Hope the death toll doesn’t rise. Pete

  5. The earthquake in Turkey has a high death toll so far….1,800 people. There are really no words for something like this. I just hope the people can be rescued, healed, and will be able to get through the disaster.

  6. The ongoing shakes are huge this is a major tectonic plate movement with the cities on the fault line being hardest hit.

    We now have this right on top of hte New Madrid Fault line.

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