Speaker of the House

A crowd of people with their arms raised in protest demanding change.
“Baby Bibbers bound to gridlock”..
“Gridlock ends up being very bad for the people”..
“The voice of the people prevail, moderates prevail”
“A reminder that the will of the people still hold the power”

I had a visual of the US flag flying high, then it became entangled, crumped up.
“The rich one, the loud one, creates a tone that in turn invokes violence. Violence against others. The top leaders reign ends.. its over.. his place.. no more.”
“Leaders you have a responsibility to the tone you create.”

19: Baby Bibbers
Predictions 1-7-16

From a prediction in 2016, Baby Bibbers are back! Baby Bibbers is the nickname of the US Congress, toddlers running the show, leaving nothing but a big mess. Yep that sums up Congress on both sides, a need for a bib.

Does Spirit have a slant? Absolutely. Never expect us to stand in the middle. We stand for the heavens and all the beauty it represent.

Sorry everyone no new information, all their focused shift to Personal Readings last night.

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  1. I was about to ask what in the world “baby bibbers” meant, but then I saw the explanation you wrote. A very accurate term for this whole House speaker debacle!

  2. Eric, any updates on the Redcoats prediction?

    I looked up the term online, but I couldn’t find much aside from articles about the historical British Redcoats, a band called Red Coats, a cleaning service, and a term for volunteers at Playhouse Square (a performing arts center).

  3. McCarthy is humiliated, should he stand down? Is there time to elect a different nominee before tomorrow?

    1. There is no universe where any Democrats will vote for McCarthy. He voted against certifying the election and is VERY far right. The more likely scenario would be the Democrats joining with the moderate Republicans to nominate a very moderate Republican. But it wouldn’t be McCarthy getting Dem votes ever

  4. I don’t understand the American system that is happening in the House at the moment. If this stalemate continues and no House leader is elected by the deadline, what happens? Would Nancy, or her replacement (I’ve forgotten his name) be called in to act as temporary leader till a decision is made? What options are available to break the deadlock and over what time frame?

    1. There is no deadline- the House just can’t do anything else until they elect a Speaker. They’ll have to sort out another option but first McCarthy has to accept reality and step down. Most likely is probably Democrats and moderate Republicans will pick a candidate together, but it would have to be a very moderate candidate

      1. It would be cool if they picked an Independent to be the speaker, though it’d have to be someone they’d all trust–or at least not object to.

        1. Sorry just saw this Pete! It could have gone on in theory until the next congress (which would be in Jan 2025) but resolved last night in a LOT of drama. McCarthy had to give up a lot of concessions and a lot of the Speaker’s power to the far right in negotiations to get himself elected. One of the things he gave in on was reinstating an old rule saying a single member of Congress could force a recall vote at any time. (I think that member has to be in his own Republican party but still not positive if with his agreement on the rule change a Democrat could also force the rule or not?). Sooooo if he upsets one of the 6 Republicans who voted present rather than for him, or one of the other 14 who changed their vote to him yesterday (or anyone else in his party in the House for that matter!) we could easily be right back in the same situation at any time. I think at the very least we can assume that the House won’t be getting much done if they couldn’t even get the party to agree to this without him giving away so much. It’ll be a wild couple of years

          1. Hi Nicole. Not knowing the US system, makes it hard for me to understand the messages I get from my Spirit Friends. It’s interesting to note that before this last Mid Term US election, the greater number of psychics, including Eric and I, had the Democrats gaining both houses, even though all media pundits were going the other way.

            In my Blog 150, just after the election my Spirit Friends said this:

            “Spirit Friends: Before this year is out (meaning 2023), reason will be found to investigate the House win with at least one illegal, or at least legally questioned action, bringing the result into question. Hence why we stated at the time there was much uncertainty in the early days of (this) US Midterm election.”

            I now think there will be uncertainty and disruptions up until at least mid year, when something/someone gets to sort it all out. But again, I don’t have enough knowledge of the US system to properly translate my Spirit Friend’s messag.

        1. I would love Kitzinger too. I’m so sad neither of them is in Congress anymore

    2. We start firing them if they don’t get it together. No the founders set it up, a system that forces our leaders to pick a Speaker before the new Congress can even be sworn in. The founders are forcing everyone to work together. It’s important the Speaker and congress hold the purse. All the money. President can’t do much with out the dollars.

  5. Before reading further down, I thought by “Baby Bibbers” spirits’ meant *Baby Boomers* preventing change. Not sure I’d call McCarthy a moderate anymore, however I guess he’s less MAGA/far right than those opposing him.

  6. Hi Eric, going back an looking at some of the old posts, I’ve noticed how many of these are still very active in terms of people responding to your posts. Is there any way you can add a “What’s New” hyperlink to the main website that can show a list of the most recent posts from everyone?

  7. According to Lawrence O’Donnell, Cheryl Johnson, the Clerk of the House — the lady holding the gavel– is in charge of the House for as long as it takes — even if it takes months — until the Speaker of the House is elected. Apparently way back in history it took months before.

  8. Not sure if this comment went through earlier, don’t see it, but anyway, according to Lawrence O’Donnell, Cheryl Johnson the Cletk of the House — the lady holding the gavel — is in charge of the House until a Speaker is elected. Even if it takes months, which apparently it has before, way back in history.

  9. Sounds like another Insurrection coming up ? Discord of Republicans ? Rebellion of the People ? Easy access to Building – No Metal detectors ? Almost like another Trump disruption Plan ?

  10. Constitutional Crisis.

    The Supreme Court today, 11/30/22, has set a conference date of January 6 2023 to decide on certiorari for a case that’s remedy is to remove from office now and forever 388 congress persons that voted against the 10-day investigatory period of voter/election fraud on January 6 2021.

    Joe Biden is powerless and there is no speaker or sworn in senate.

  11. In my country, the Speaker is not entitled to vote and they are expected to take a neutral stand towards all the political parties. I understand that would not work in the US with a two-party system. Anyway, let’s hope the problem is solved asap.

  12. There is no update that I can find as yet in the public domain.

    This article explains well what the case is trying to achieve.

    Forbes: McCarthy, in negotiations late Wednesday following six failed rounds of voting, reportedly agreed to lower the threshold for beginning the process to remove the speaker to one single member of the GOP conference, down from the majority required under former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tenure.

    The markets haven’t reacted yet but this is not the stability needed.

    1. You’re right, since he’s lowered the threshold, McCarthy’s position as speaker is very weak–if he displeases even one member, he could be out of a job, and then they’d have to do another vote. Like you said, not the stability needed.

  13. Eric,
    Thankfully nothing major happened on January 6th. Does that mean the prediction about the day of infamy has been prevented, or is something still coming?

    1. I am sorry Sara, I know we all talked about this being about Jan 6th but that was a guess of all of ours. I honestly assumed it was a bit later like February.

      1. Any idea yet what the infamy prediction is talking about, or where it could happen?

            1. Yes, but that’s the worse of the group. There are plenty of other predictions. Specifically poisoning. Poisoning on UK land. Poisoning in Georgia. As soon as my round of personal readings are over I plan to look again.

  14. I can’t find it, but someone made referral to another uprising in a comment here at Eric’s. It’s interesting that Brazil just had this uprising around the same time as the anniversary of the US Jan 6 uprising:

    “Supporters of Brazil’s former far-right president Jair Bolsonaro — who refuse to accept his electoral defeat — have invaded the Supreme Court, the National Congress building and surrounded the presidential palace in the country’s capital, Brasilia, television images show.”


  15. The red coats equivalent in Brazil (alt right extremist) did hit the Brazilian congress, Senate, supreme court, and the “Palacio do Planalto” (Planalto’s Palace) this last place is Brazil’s equivalent of the White House. These extremist attempted to do what Trump supporters tried to do in the United States

    1. The similarities between Brazil’s insurrection and America’s are really eerie.

      1. Is it really a coincidence or there is something more working in the background’s shadows and underneath the surface ? Conspiracy Theory or some sort of secret organization dedicated to the darkness and chaos? Only the higher ups in the spiritual realm can say

  16. Brunson v Adams was declined.

    Jan 6th records sealed for 50 years. The tax payer could pay for it but not know the results.

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