World Predictions: 12-28-22

Earthquake! Earthquake! I had a vision of a large city. The ground shook violently as a vehicle crossed a freeway.
Where Spirit?
Around Australia

Spirit where is the Earthquake?

I had a visual of a poster on the wall that showed a very “Old” message “1..2..”

Which is most likely this World Prediction:
I had a visual of New Zealand, the area of Wellington through New Plymouth was shaded in grey. “Large destructive earthquake.. New Zealand.. 1.. 2”
“Another earthquake.. one right beneath us.”
Another New Zealand Earthquake is coming.

So we are left with one missing piece. Are they predicting the 2nd? Or the 12th? It is very possible they are predicting a timezone debacle, the 1st for me, 2nd for them? Back to questions with Spirit.

Under the same exact prediction. Unrelated, Is this one? Consider they are talking this moment we are in. Right now.

“In the US.. the US senate race will be split down the middle.. half blue.. half red.”50/50?

“There going to accuse you of tampering”

Prediction: Another New Zealand Earthquake

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34 thoughts on “World Predictions: 12-28-22

  1. any destructive earthquake on auckland could only mean the death knell to the new zealand economy as the city is the economic hub for our country and as auckland is full of motorways (freeways) this could be it.

    1. One part of me questions if all these locations are swiped by an earthquake slightly outside of NZ. I am a bit taken back by Spirit saying NZ Auckland. Thats not Australia? I have plenty of NZ predictions, so why bring AU into it? Bottom line, I am hoping to ask for clarity.

      1. Good morning Eric and Chris. There was a 6 mag in the Vanuatu region last night some time. Vanuatu is north west of Fiji. Also there was a 5 mag in Indonesia yesterday. Oh and China had a 5.6 mag
        So there’s definitely a quake of size coming, but I hope it’s on a fault line away from the main land masses. Pete

        1. Just got this from my Spirit Friends:
          “Big six mag coming within the next few days. Yes around beginning of New Year (confirms your date Eric). Up around the Bay of Island area but with shocks through the main fault line (that runs all the way through NZ). Seems like damage in a number of places in NZ but not getting deaths, or if any, a small number. More Auckland area will be the city.”

          1. coincidence you said that – there was a 3.9 mag quake in the bay of plenty today thursday, no damage done….usually a 3-4 quake here is nothing

  2. I’m confused as you mention Auckland but that’s a long way from Wellington and New Plymouth, are they two separate events?

  3. Auckland are so unprepared as they very rarely even get earthquakes.
    Do we know the worst hit areas apart from Auckland?

  4. New Years Eve here in New Zealand. Hello Eric and best wishes for Happy New Year to you and yours and love from Taupo, New Zealand.

    Any update on the expected earthquake please?

  5. Eric, Chris, Holaca and anyone interested in spreading the word:
    I am reviewing old Blog predictions and at the end of Blog 19 of my lot, I posted this:
    “Mon 9am 9th Dec 2019
    I was walking when suddenly I heard a tremendous roar and was overpowered by the awareness (that) all around me was shaking violently. Earthquake? Split in two. From top to bottom. NZ? Massive, massive and many lives lost. I’m sure I saw Christmas decorations and a decorated tree within a mall or similar, but no one was celebrating. ”
    I sure hope this is wrong. Pete

    1. Further to this, in Blog 20, I reposted this same prediction but with some variations:
      Mon 9th Dec 2019

      I was walking when suddenly I heard a tremendous roar and was overpowered by the awareness that all around me was shaking violently. Earthquake? Split in two. From top to bottom. Motueka NZ? Massive, massive and many lives lost. I’m sure I saw discarded Christmas decorations and tree within a mall or similar. People had long stopped celebrating.

      This could mean it is after Christmas, ‘when people are no longer celebrating Christmas’

        1. So, so sorry Dianne and I truly hope I’m wrong. Initially, after Eric and Chris’ request, I went for info and didn’t get anything too worrying. But it is this old prediction that fits with what Eric has been getting that I agree, is very troubling. Where to go? Where to be safe? I don’t know.

          1. Thank you Pete, it is so worrying for all NZ. I am esp concerned that I live within 1 km of Lake Taupo [ a super volcano] and have very limited mobility. Can only pray that we will all be ok. To be honest I have been seriously wondering whether we should bale out and move back to Australia. Hope I have not left this too late. Shall be watching for any further notice from Eric or yourself, thank you for your concern . x

            1. So my key point/process, is to suggest we all get into regular meditation, and on a daily basis. We are all capable of receiving ‘The Voice’ from on high, and that is where psychic’s warnings are coming from. If it is intended that our end is neigh, then what better way to ‘go’ that while communing with the Creator of ‘Peace’.
              That is not to say I oppose what Eric say, quite the contrary. We have got to get the message out there to the populous so as to have authorities prepared for whatever is coming our way. Its at least a two way effort, I believe. Pete

  6. Now I am very worried. I’m holidaying with friends in the middle/lower half of the North Island, and my kids are back home in the South Island. I would be beside myself if I can’t get back to them or if anything should happen to them while I wasn’t there. Hoping this isn’t as serious as it sounds.

      1. Felt by many but minimal damage. Mainly things falling off shelves etc. could be just a warm up to a larger quake though.

  7. No reports of damage at this stage. 5.1 magnitude, 7kms deep at 5.39am NZ time. Over 7000 people felt it. Epicenter was Te Aroha. Felt strongly in the Auckland/Bay of Plenty area. The whole top of the North Island felt it.

      1. Eric….my niggly gut feeling is saying this isn’t it. I’m not psychic or anything…I’m just trying to follow my intuition and it doesn’t feel right. I honestly can’t believe that I’m querying someone of your ability….but just putting my thoughts out there.
        I’m an ardent follower of your channel. Love love love your work.

        1. Thank you so much for being an ardent follower! 🤗. I have my doubt too. I posted because both events did happen, NZ and Ca.But your right it doesn’t fit. Why show an earthquake that does not need our need to alter it.

        2. WgtnDi. Just my penny/cents worth: The Biblical prediction “Your children will prophecy” is going to be extremely strong in this New Age. Trust your intuition …. and they don’t come from your gut, but from a Higher Source. Hope it’s as pleasant a journey for you as it has been for me. Again trust your instinct.

          1. Thank you so much Pete. I’m learning about trusting my intuition. It’s a test & try situation for me and so I took a deep breath & posted what my “higher source” was telling me about it ‘not feeling right’ about the earthquake. Just as a ‘test’ for myself….to see if my intuition was actually right or not and that i was on the right pathway. First time I’ve ever done that, so it was exciting and scary at the same time, lol. I will start trusting my instinct more and see where it takes me. Thanks for you penny/cents worth Pete…it’s helped me.

  8. If you look on the ‘GeoNet’ app, it will show you a picture of where it was and the number of ‘felt’ reports.

  9. I never felt a thing and was awake lol. No damage anywhere I’m surprised if this it.

  10. Darwin is bracing for aftershocks this morning after a fierce earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia and East Timor. The magnitude 7.6 quake rattled homes in the Top End in the early hours. It was felt in other Australian states too.

    1. Just a thought. Do you think the ‘1’ was the earthquake in ‘Australia’ and the ‘2’ may be an earthquake in ‘Auckland’?

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