A Peak at Heaven: The Table

Christmas special. A look at that place you go to on your last breath and the home you will inherit. Just as we have all our laws and rules, so does Heaven, but they have simplified theirs. One Rule dominates as their Great Law. The law and decree of the King. The King of Heaven. “For the King: The Table” The triad of three rules.

There is a table in front of you.
Every single side of life has an obstacle, has a beginning and end like the edges of the table. Life is filled with challenges, struggles, and enemies, handle the beginning and end as you choose. But know in every single decision you make, in every single act you commit to, in every motion or change you bring. At the center of the table must always be “love”.

The triad of Heaven

Love must sit and the center of all decisions. Must be infused on every act you make. If Love is not center piece, simply put don’t do it. Each moment a counter of the last. Each moment to pay respect to the King. The story of the King is the most epic story I have ever heard. What this being has accomplished is beyond approach. Heaven is entirely ruled by Love and he made that a reality, as he plans to do everywhere else. But there is more to this story.

Its not enough for love to just sit at the table you need to be the table. You need to be the embodiment of Love. You need to invite the entire neighborhood to your kitchen, to your table and make them your greatest meal. Tomorrow someone else’s turn to feed the neighborhood. You need to break bread with your enemy because simply put love is more important that both of you combined. Love is worth fighting for even worth dying for. Love is worth the struggling. Love rules heaven. So their are no doors in heaven. Everyone eats with everyone else in splendor. It is at the table they argue, they debate. Love sits at the center of every single individual in heaven and Love is in such overwhelming abundance in Heaven.

Their is a hall in heaven of all the great art pieces scattered through the universe of time. All of the art pieces display with Beauty a “Table”, Moments in time when someone did something for the King that goes beyond the norm. But their is an art piece involving a table, maybe its on your wall right now? I am here to say the art is very much in heaven as well. How could they deny a picture of the King himself breaking bread with others.

For Marilyn K, who always had room at her table for me. I have no doubt she’s feeding heaven right now.

4 thoughts on “A Peak at Heaven: The Table

  1. I have no idea where we “go,” nor can anyone confirm an afterlife.
    My view: Our posthumous life and legacy is the good we do while living and the example/hope it gives the living to do their best and mend some bit of the world.

    1. Merry Christmas Eric. I hope you don’t mind me posting this in reply to Ed’s comment.
      Ed, I had a very unusual, amazing and long encounter with my friend Sam (not his real name) after he had ‘passed over’ a few years ago. He died of cancer and did not believe in an ‘after life’. The names of the characters have been changed but they are all very real. Here is the link:


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