Nancy Pelosi Steps Down

I had a vision. I was looking at a chessboard; then, I became a part of the chessboard. I walked through this large beautiful marble, cold, stony floor at night. There were life-sized pieces, then on both sides, black and white chess pieces fell. First the king, then a queen, then another king. They all begin to fall. They were replaced by pawns and bishops. I could hear ticking, ticking, ticking, as the board circled like a clock, then the board was forever different.

Whats Coming in 2022

We gave you two descriptions of what 2022 would bring. Queen Elizabeth, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Shinzo Abe, Mario Draghi, Republicans, and now Nancy Pelosi, this prediction has happened. It is a clear description of how 2022 would unfold. As the year closes we predict the “Black” pieces to start falling.

It was just yesterday that the Spirits pointed to the prediction below. They told me to post the “Capitol” prediction. I thought it was a bit odd? Looking at things now, perhaps I posted it two days early, take note, we are back at the Capitol. Their prediction about the US Capitol has gone full circle here and now. A bit quick don’t you think? It was the last post. Yep, do you see it, they can now point to which of their predictions are coming immediately next, right before it happens. Because todays news is what we said it would be two days ago. “The Capitol”

I had a vision; Micah, Marcus, and I were walking towards the Capitol of the United States. The trio walked up the stairs, and it seemed in slow motion. Several people were fighting outside like some massive brawl. Two different sides were fighting violently, and people were hitting each other. I could even see an explosion at the distance of the city. The weather above me was overly cloudy. As we walked up the stairs, the crowd got angrier the fight became bloodier. Then we reached the top of the stairs. There were words above the door entrance that read: “The Halls of Time.” Inside it was completely different. There was this sizeable circular marble floor. Four massive statues surrounded the marble circle. I looked like a small toy figurine compared to the statues: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln were all cemented in Marble. There was a fourth figure, but it only showed a marble seat. The statue did not have a person, just a folded triangle-shaped American flag on the cemented seat. Above the marble circle centered perfectly was an American flag. The room was silent, and I couldn’t hear any fighting outside. The flag stood perfectly still at the center of the room. Then Micah whispered in my ear a final message ”The foundation is too strong for any one man or moment. The foundation prevails.”

World Prediction The United States of America

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6 responses to “Nancy Pelosi Steps Down”

  1. petemedium Avatar

    Eric, you should also include Australia’s Scott Morrison’s removal in your list.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      OMG your right.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Me again Eric. I found these other two, but I keep thinking there were more:
        Burkina Faso: Paul-Henri Damiba overthrown eight months after he took power.
        Italy replaces their Prime Minister.

  2. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    I would not be surprised if the Republican majority in the House ended up collapsing.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its going to be interesting. Whoever speaker is, they need the majority vote. Good luck who ever that person is.

  3. petemedium Avatar

    This Week’s Blog Looks Back At A Prophetic Blog From This Time Two Years Ago:

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