The Awesome And Flawed Life of Eric Leigh-Pink P2

“Eric Someone needs a cookie! Someone needs love Eric. We love you meany! We love you so much! Give them a cookie Eric.”

Diana – Anthony

Someone recently asked do the Spirits Confirm the World Predictions I write. I am here to tell you they have their hands all over this cookie jar in all ways, I have tried to keep them away. Nothing happens here without debate with heaven. Here is a message from two Spirits. These two work under me as a sort of constant line of support in these World Predictions. Now, neither of these two Spirits know anything about computers or technology, I still look intently for that person. They are actually very oblivious, one calls the computer the “Fruit” while the other calls it “The shiny square brick.”. But they are masters of a very Specific type of prediction “Intent”. Like this one:

Putin plans to conquer Ukraine (East Ukraine) but there will be an unexpected heavy resistance from Europe.

Predictions 8-2-18

We are not predicting Putin ‘will’ invade Ukraine, we only know he has “Plans” to invade. It is his will. His Intent to conquer Ukraine. His plans must have come together in 2018 when the prediction was written. Now this prediction is a gamble, because it is not an “Echo” it might not happen. Echos always happen. But Intent is a powerful part of predicting the future. Its a force all on its own. As you could see in this prediction we also showed you Europes “Intent”. Intent has a major role in predicting the future.

So here Diana is saying before it ever happens. Some critic, some troll, is going to invade our space. Someone is going to knock on my door here and say “You disgust me.” Because thats what normal people do. They plan to make a comment and the Spirits felt it necessary to intervene over this ‘comment’ as a moment to show love. No other purpose than that.

I am a human being like the rest of you. Someone attacks you and your immediate response is to fight back. But before the fight ever existed. Diana told me, handle it this way Eric. My initial thought was get your hands away from my cookie jar. But then she said. Show them we represent Love. Love is what is needed. Love and giving. So give them an internet cookie. Break bread with your enemy and share your generosity, and do it because you represent heaven. Represent us well. Show everyone Love. Love is key to all nightmares. Love is the Kings creed. Love is the force that oversees the greatest of all domains, heaven. So Diana is screaming at me. Love him!! Show him us!! So I do. But lets go back to predicting Intent:

The debate as I see it. I predicted with “Intent”, the missile attack on Poland.

Poland that F- is going to attack you. But like the thug Putin is he will say I didn’t do that. Yes he did. I want to unleash all the arrows!

Again its a prediction about Intent. Vladimir Putin plans to attack Poland. You can feel that hate. Thats it. He plans to attack Poland. It was in his head, it was his intent. I know what the leaders of the world are saying. The bombing of Poland was an error, a mistake, Ukraine did it, but consider that their only other option is to get in front of a camera and say WW3 just started. We predicted Putins intent, I predicted he had plans to attack Poland and then it happened. So?

Anthony, Tao, Diana, are all the Spiritual Scouts that find Intent for me. They are the ones that wanted this site rebuilt. They wanted a structure to meet their needs. You can see them toil, there is a plan there. They demanded I get rid of the larger ads, to which I told them, I don’t have the money to support this entire site? But they recommend the and too my shock and awe it worked. You paid for the operations. Thank you. They have slowly shifted all things to serve our ultimate mission. Change the future.

They are always one step ahead of the game. Always knowing what will happen, right before it does. I know you read one of my World Predictions and that caught your eye, and then I sucked you into our orbit here. For me that shock and awe you felt. That moment you read my work and saw something. For me the shock happens daily. As I read my critics heavy handed hateful comment, I am not shocked with his words but the screaming of Diana, who knew it was coming right before it ever happened, saying Love Him! Show him our way. Show him heaven. Love!

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    1. I don’t remember which prediction first drew me in, but one of the most compelling was the prediction about the date of the 6th being blackened and liberty being trampled, which matched up well with the insurrection on January 6th.

      1. That one upset me. We wrote it, knew it, I tried so hard to warn people something was coming. I knew it was around the corner, but it fell on deaf ears, to much noise out there at the time. Its so odd. Because when I predict a hurricane, boom, I become super busy. People seem to want to hear about those for the information, I have yet to figure out how to take that for these ultra dark violent messages.

    2. The one I remember best was the Ariana Grande concert bombing in Manchester. The “22” matched up with everything eerily well, and although I was following the predictions before, this was the one I first shared confidently with some of my family (who would probably otherwise be skeptics) and creeped them out with the accuracy of it as well.

      1. Manchester Arena Bombing, It creeped me out too! We were there at the concert, had to watch that horror unfold. I remember very specifically, trying to float up the stairs while everyone else was going down the stairs the other way. What a horrible moment, I remember so badly wanting to help, but we were just there to observe. I do remember in that horrible event, people where really helping both during and after.

  1. You know, I thought as you did that Putin attacked Poland, but NATO didn’t want to go there. It’s like President of Ukraine wanted it to be true because it meant more help. An explosion, and Zelensky is thrown back by all the deniers.

  2. I have had many moments here that reinforce my constant check ins on this blog but 2 will always stand out to me. Eric i stumbled across your site on above top secret back in in 2012 or 2013. I cannot remember for sure. The horrible attack in France… when that happened, I remembered the numerous posts you had leading into that where you were trying to connect the dots. When the news hit here as to what happened, I like others who came here connected the dots. I was sick to my stomach all night in part due to what happened, and also with realizing your warnings spirit was giving. This specific event led me to understand why this blog existed.

    The other one is from a few years back. I remember this vividly. You were warning of a hurricane. More specifically, the spirits wanted you to warn the family that would go take shelter in the bathtub that they were in grave danger by doing so. I remember reading news blurbs coming out shortly after the hurricane passed, and one blurb mentioned an oddly specific event. A family took shelter during the hurricane in the bathtub and the roof above them collapsed but they all survived! I always felt that this site, your post even was responsible for protecting them.

    Many other events have happened but those 2 were the real big i am hooked moments.

    1. Wow you guys are taking me down memory lane. Oh how I remember the “France” predictions. It was a focus of there’s, they kept talking about France. This one I remember with absolute clarity. I was there in the stadium, I remember asking, if we could go where the President was. But no we stood in the bleachers and then, I remember being fixated on the game, the ball moving, then BOOM. It scared me all at once. Then reality came, I just cried.

    2. Hurricanes, tornados. Those two! Oh how I wish we could share all the stories about individuals we have helped. This is where our crack begin. We actually started changing the future. I was just bubbling with joy. I can’t speak for the tub person, but here we have made an impact. We have helped so many people. Because of that help, Every single year now, we will get phone calls all across the gulf with the same question. Am I safe this season?

    3. Its upsetting in a way. I can only help this side. Those with storms. We made such a huge impact that there was talk about just doing natural disaster predictions, but Macabe came down and said “No”. Its a bit obvious in todays world why he said that. But I have yet to crack through stopping one of these horrors of violence and they are hard to watch.

  3. Hi Eric, since you predict via intent that later translates to real world action, could you ask the Spirits when China will be mad enough to launch a full scale attack on Taiwan? I know timing is tricky because Spiritual world does not adhere to manmade time. But will it be soon? I schedule visits to Taiwan almost every year, have friends there. Really worried. If it happens it is a lose-lose situation for everybody.

    1. I think the most impressive prediction was about the rise of ISIS, issued at a time nobody knew anything about that organization and there were absolutely no signs of that happening. That was long ago.

    2. Intent is a big fat no, I am not seeing an invasion. According to the feeling it is the people of China that expect Taiwan to join them, but the leadership seems to be just using a propaganda tool. They really don’t want war. However on that same note, they despise the interference of the west, specifically us, they really see it as none of our business, and that driving venom might have an invasion still. I have no predictions at this time about an invasion. What is coming with certainty is horrible internal issues within China. The government is expected to just go through a bit of chaos soon.

      1. Thanks Eric for your reply. What a relief, happy I can still visit Taiwan every year.

  4. If you really are wanting to grow then you’re going to encounter many, many more people who disagree with you, call you a liar etc. My suggestion is to either ignore them or not make such a big deal about it because it’s going to happen regardless. Everyone has their own thoughts and feelings and psychic predictions are ALWAYS going to be a hard thing to get people to believe regardless of what you get right . Your site also attracts it’s fair share of conspiracy theorists and kooks, which doesn’t help matters either as the wider world sees people who believe in psychics as one and the same. Getting into arguments with them just feeds into it.

    1. Oh I hope you did not see this as a moment to air grievances, this is an introduction to my most trusted advisors, who I never talk about, because there role is smaller, but they are all love on tap, this is just one story to show you them, I plan to share many more. They actually saved me from losing huge amounts of money at one time, and it happened the day before the situation. This is a post of how truly in awe I am of the Spirits around me. But you have a point, no need to give them air.

  5. I can’t remember The first prediction that I noticed.
    There have been several that so impressed me that I had to tell my daughter. You are so good, I wish I had money to help you.

  6. Dear Eric, what pulled me in were the Truths. Your predictions are awesome, yes, but I got hooked on the Truths, which I still reread from time to time. Will you be adding more “Truths”?

    1. Wow you are in Luck. Probably at the very beginning of December, we plan to drop the biggest of all Truths. One we held off on for years, upon years. We held off on it because pretty much the entire planet has an opposing fundamental belief. So all of us agreed to wait. Wait until our predictions gave our identification. Validation.

  7. Eric, that’s so great! I can’t wait — and thanks!
    And TW Lurker, I send you good vibes, virtual hugs, and cookies.

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