FTX Collapse

Cryptocurrency.. fraud.. Pyramid.. deceit.. your money gone.” Then I had a visual of stacks and stacks of wallets then about half of them disappeared. The impression was that one of the rising cryptocurrency was doing some very shady.

I had a visual of a large pyramid made of stone, but it wasn’t made of stone as someone ripped of the paper that it was made of. Underneath was metal bars.
In my opinion it’s talking about a massive Ponzi scheme, investment scandal or financial fraud. Another Bernie Madoff or Enron moment that is presented as massive as the size of the pyramid was huge. Metal bars could go two different ways, jail perhaps or just showing how there is no value left.

World Predictions 5-5-21
Notes on 7-17-13

32 Billion dollars lost. This prediction has happened, shady character and all. Another Bernie Madoff. What a horrible loss for those who believed this Idgit.

There is a currency in the Spiritual Realm, established not by what work you do, or how much materials you construct, but how much love you give. Love. On your last breath you will wake up to extraordinary wealth, or abject poverty. All of it earned by the life you lived and the love you gave. Giving the Spiritual Realm the perfect society.

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4 thoughts on “FTX Collapse

  1. Some of those who invested in FTX were sovereign funds. One of those sovereign wealth funds affected is Temasek. That means a country’s public funds/retirement funds were stolen. As Eric has mentioned, the fraudster will be reborn to abject poverty due to his greed.

    1. Not reborn. I meant actually IN the Spiritual Realm. The king hold Love as the center piece of all life. Heaven is actually ruled under the umbrella of love. So to enter his massive domain, is to support love. Those who flood the world with love are given abundance beyond dreams, those who do not, like this FTX man, are just left outside the doors of heaven, or in the cold tundra of everyone else’s glare for not serving the King. No one is giving FTX anything. Think of who runs things there. Who in our world gives the most love, the most kindness, now imagine those people of love, given all the thrones, all the wealth, all the abundance of the universe, in heaven. But part one starts here on earth. Prove you represent the heavens.

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