Biden: ‘Armageddon’ and Cuban Missile Crisis

I had a visual I was walking up a hillside of a dirt road. On the path of the road were two snakes fighting over the road, constantly snapping at each other. Then one bit the other in such a way that was so hostile.
I continued up the road to see armies gathering. Two nations preparing for war. Each side blustering. Then in the most horrific way the lights that operate nuclear weapons turned on. The message ends there with the impression that cooler heads prevail. Very Cuban missile crisis. Though they never said who, it literally is a fight over a dirt road, only you humanity find time to kill over dirt that was never yours in the first place. I had a visual of a triangle-shaped vial. Multiple people drank from these small vials. Then in the most horrible way they all became ill. So many people became ill.

Predictions 12-8-20

I had a visual of a future where Americans brawled each other while Putin hiding in the dark corner snickered at the division he created. Then the spotlight was on Putin. The visual shifted to show a new era of America marching in unison, with one enemy.. Russia. There was a massive storm in the background and a horrible ominous feeling of dread. Though the people were dressed in modern day clothes the background looked like the 1950s.

World Predictions 7-31-19

“Putin now plans to take action against Ukraine.” I had a visual of either a large missile or rocket flying in space, behind it was a black cloud implying ‘trouble’.

World Predictions 12-26-18

Biden compared this moment to the Cuban Missile Crisis, but we warned you first back in 2020. Below is another prediction that has not happened yet. This is apart of the set of predictions and it is horrifying. We must alter this future. Help us change tomorrow. The future is ours to change. Ours.

“Now.. Russia.. displays tactical mini nuclear weapons.. what a very bad idea” In a not so distant future: I had a visual of every news station discussing the shock over the use of the miniature nuclear weapon.

World Predictions 10-6-19

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43 responses to “Biden: ‘Armageddon’ and Cuban Missile Crisis”

  1. Tom Avatar

    Our off world ET friends will not allow this to happen. They have intervened in the past and they will again.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is no need to mention the real me Tom.

  2. Rob Avatar

    Eric how close are we to this really happening? days weeks months….?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t have an answer to that. The Post 10-16-19 was the nightmare post. It would show the 3 big nightmares of tomorrow. Covid is there. Then this Mini nuke strike. And also is the inflation-food. So its all happening. Its all lining up.
      Now with that said our new system is fully operational, so I fully expect them to answer your question as we draw closer to the event. Our focus on predicting is “Whats next”

      1. C. Avatar

        Unfortunately, I couldn’t find that post. If you don’t mind answering, what’s going to happen with our food?

    2. Raymond Avatar

      I have seen a few things online that something is suppose to happen on the 20th of this month But the internet is often wrong

  3. petemedium Avatar

    This Week’s Blog Continues On From Last Weeks QandA:
    Pete’s Question: If a person’s soul is perfect, why doesn’t that person’s soul correct the body within which it dwells to prevent the Gap from occurring?
    Spirit Friends: The soul is not perfect, it is a continuing learning and growing aspect of Creation. Nothing can stay on a particular level or plane without becoming stagnant. Everything, including Creation, is learning and expanding.

    1. Raymond Avatar

      But if creation is learning then that would mean God is less than perfect and all knowing

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Basically yes. However, there is a difference between learning and being perfect. Perfection exists because it is not stagnating. It is the the use of the worlds that cause the difficulty here. And I have queried this over many years, but think I’ve finally figured it out. Pete

        1. Raymond Avatar

          Pete….. you are a smart guy

          1. petemedium Avatar

            No not really. This is all over my head, especially the Split Soul System info. I just channel the info and hope others might be able to fathom it out for me *S*

  4. petemedium Avatar

    Something of a lighthearted nature to counter the gloom the world is feeling right now:

  5. Steve Avatar

    Can you ask which regions or towns may be devastated by the mini Nuke. You’ve mentioned one, but will that be a cluster nuke, multiple warhead? Any indication on size? Timeframes would also be great.
    I know that specifics are hard to get, but I’m thinking that although it will be hard to stop Putin,at least if we can get enough specifics out to those local Ukrainian communities then we might be able to save some of the deaths and suffering. A Plan B as it were.
    This bombing is going to be horrendous, we saw this imagery of the effects from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Such a terrible, terrible move by Putin. Not sure how well his soul will be accepted into the afterlife.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We already have an idea of where the bomb will fall. However it makes no sense. That should set off ww3. But it doesn’t? We are waiting for confirmation, until then I would rather not spread fear. . But yes I do plan to check. Small nuke, the smallest is expected, they think they can get away with it. The other prediction talks about the ground being poisoned. It might be another weapon.
      Exactly! We do the same exact thing for hurricanes and earthquakes. Warn those in that space.
      Everyone when they pass are celebrated with the exception of a few, for them Mara greets them. I would not want to be there when that happens. I expect Mara to greet Putin.

      1.  Avatar

        poison ?

        there is this old prediction that talks about poisoning but WATERS no ground

        was this prediction about covid?

        predictions mentions russia. :
        This message could relate to an old message about a Russian assassination or more likely they are giving us a location to the water crisis from yesterday’s post

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          As I recall in the prediction it was a black circle oozing out. But I will try and find it. Very old stuff.

        2. Itk Avatar

          It’s comforting to hear that Putin will eventually have his day of reckoning. However, he is also surrounded by other people, some of whom are really evil and who are his accomplices, directly facilitating his oppressive actions. There are, among others, judges sending innocent people to jail for opposing Putin and people hired to constantly tell lies to people on TV. Recently, the head of the Orthodox church said the Russians soldiers dying in Ukraine will automatically be saved. So, the problem is there are people doing most evil things believing they are doing good things, with the ‘us versus them’ mindset. At a general level, what kind of fate do you see for all those Putin’s accomplices?

      2. anitah Avatar

        Russia use barbaric scorched earth tactic.. to destroy all if they do not get it.
        They do not care to save nature, land, animals, water, air..

      3. hielina222 Avatar

        Eric, why it does not make sense? Which country it will be? It would be great to try to warn people…

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          The “assumed” location, which does not fit the moment was Poland. But let’s seriously wait for confirmation before that spreads.

          1. hielina222 Avatar

            Oh, my God….We must warn the people!!! We will be waiting your confirmation.

          2.  Avatar

            this location is beginning to be confirmed

            Belarus also seems determined to go to war. President Alexander Lukashenko accuses Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania of preparing terrorist attacks and an uprising in his country.


            1.  Avatar

              Avec ce qui c’est passé hier en Pologne
              ça se confirme de nouveau

      4. hielina222 Avatar

        The bomb will fall outside Ukraine, judging from your post, Eric?

      5. Steve Avatar

        Looks like Mara might have their hands full over the next few years…

  6. petemedium Avatar

    Has anyone heard more on this story? Rather frightening if it’s true. It appeared at our Gov owned Australian Broadcasting Commission or ABC News Service:
    “The United States will soon be unable to provide Ukraine with certain types of ammunition that are essential to Kyiv’s battle against Russia’s invasion, as supplies are being used up faster than they can be replaced.”
    “US stockpiles of some equipment are “reaching the minimum levels needed for war plans and training,” and restocking to pre-invasion levels could take years, Mark Cancian of the Center for Strategic and International Studies wrote in a recent analysis.”

  7. Gloria Avatar

    Could it be that the Russian missile misfires and overshoots its target by a long way? If aiming for Kyiv, an overshoot, albeit a huge one, could get to Poland. I hope not for the sake of the innocent victims. This is all just too horrible to think about.

    1. Sara Avatar

      A misfire is possible, I can’t imagine that Putin would strike Poland on purpose. It’s a NATO country, and any attack on it would risk bringing all the NATO countries in to protect it. And if Putin’s forces are struggling this much against Ukraine, fighting all of NATO would be even worse. Unless his mental state is even more delusional than we know, or like you suggested, a misfire happens.

      1.  Avatar

        Actually I heard that Russian toddler WANTS to involve NATO countries, because then he could go to his allies (China, Iran, India) and say – look they all are attacking me, please, help me now.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        It will be an act of desperation.

        1. anitah Avatar

          When Putin will fall or killed? What happens after that in Russia and in Ukraine?

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            The great monster rises. Sorry, can’t sugar coat that. He makes Hitler look like a choir boy.

            1. anitah Avatar

              Now monster general Surakov leads this barbarism.. Ukraine ( and ” west”) never will be in peace?
              The war goes on……years?

  8. petemedium Avatar

    This is extremely worrying.
    The International Atomic Energy Agency said Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the biggest in Europe, has lost its last remaining external power source as a result of renewed shelling and is now relying on emergency diesel generators.
    All six reactors at the plant are shut down but they still require electricity for cooling and other safety functions.
    Add to this the astrology for this months has Pluto, the planet associated with nuclear, turning direct and is heading for Aquarius. The next few months will be critical for all things relating to atomic energy, nuclear and the exposing and hiding of such matters.

  9. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    Did you hear about what happened the bridge linking Crimea with Russia?

    1. petemedium Avatar

      And on Putin’s birthday. Some clips show Ukrainians singing Happy Birthday, with the bridge ablaze in the back ground.

    2. mk Avatar


      I wonder if it’s the same people who blew up the pipeline?

      As for the ground being poisoned it will most likely be an underground bomb. Will cause a bit of local damage.

      “The nuclear weapons tests of the United States were performed between 1945 and 1992 as part of the nuclear arms race. The United States conducted around 1,054 nuclear tests by official count, including 216 atmospheric, underwater, and space tests”.

      The Soviet Union conducted 715 nuclear tests (by the official count) between 1949 and 1990, including 219 atmospheric, underwater, and space tests.

      We’ve been living with nuclear fallout for decades.

      If it’s Bidens attempt at Armageddon, as its only him and Zelenski determined to band nukes about it will all be a bit of a flop. I would be concerned for neighbouring countries with Biden at the helm of nukes, it could land anywhere. perhaps this is why Eric is getting Poland.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I don’t know for sure.

      2. anitah Avatar

        Nato do not want to involve this war! But Putin provokes that. He do not listen anybody
        even in his near circle.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thats a prediction. I will post soon.

  10. MickyG Avatar

    It’s all over the net, the bridge burning and Marilyn Monroe singing “happy birthday Mr President”

  11. Aemond Avatar

    Will Putin really use tactital nuclear weapons next week?

    Will Covid 19 mutate to a new strain?

    Is the stock market going to crush in 2022?

  12. Cassandra Apollo Avatar

    Eric – if this is too long, pls delete.

    Walk-about, 4/24/2016

    I belong to a group that goes on what I call soul walk-abouts. I’ve only been a few times, that I can remember the next day. Since this concerns Putin and bombs, I wanted to post here.

    I am sitting at a desk in a large office with other people scattered far apart and they are at desks also. President Putin walks into the room holding a device in his left hand. As he walks past my desk, he nods to me and says, Yulia. I follow him toward the windows and say, Mr. Putin what are you seeing? He says, they want me to see the destruction. Then I see what he is seeing, it is a building that had been destroyed. You could see the metal, glass and concrete all twisted up. We both sigh and turn toward each other. He holds out his left hand that is still holding the device and says, it needs 2 lithium batteries, 2 different sizes. I said, yes, Mr. Putin I know where the batteries are stored. He smiled, nodded his head saying, Yulia and I nodded back saying, Mr. Putin. We knew without my saying anything that I would bring the device back to him once I put new batteries in it.

    On the way to my desk, I could feel the other people in this office looking at me and know they were watching the interaction between myself and Mr. Putin. I could telepathically hear them say, they won’t be happy about this. Then I see a very serious looking woman walking toward me from the other side of the office. She is the “they” the other workers are talking about. I decided to leave the office so I won’t have to speak with her because there is nothing she can really do to stop us from talking. She is upset and I don’t want to hear it right now. She walks closer toward me so I ignore her and go about my business.

    I did not bring the batteries and weapon device back to Putin.

    Next, I meet up with others who were on walk-about. We are debriefed and then leave.
    Afterthoughts: Putin has been shown what will happen if he uses that weapon. If he chooses to use the weapon he will damage his soul, in addition humans, animals and property.

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