Baltic Sea Pipeline Explosion

I had a visual of the Nordic region. An image of Finland, Norway and Sweden at a distance above. Then I flew down to see happy people living in their communities. Then I went to the depths of the ocean, hidden, unknown was submarines covertly moving.

World Prediction: Norway Submarines

I had a vision, Putin was alone in a room of gold. Sitting on a thrown of gold. His hands collapsed in his face, he looked sickly, pale, sweaty. Then it shifted to show his thoughts as if we were in a comic book with the little cloud above him. In the cloud you could hear ’Baltics.. Latvia” then it shifted to show a large dark room of computers. There were rows of people all typing, meddling. The petulant toddler on his thrown of gold wanted revenge for those who stood against him.

World Predictions: Baltics

This prediction has started. In line with the other predictions we can expect the UK and the eastern region of Europe to be targets.

22 thoughts on “Baltic Sea Pipeline Explosion

    1. Poison. Someone is getting poisoned. Then government rage. The region is northern, like the UK, but whoever is harboring Russians he plans to deal with their betrayal. What an evil little toddler.

    1. I don’t think thats the message, I think they are warning the Baltics that someone is meddling in their waters. Which is what they did. Then there is the separate prediction about what’s in Putins head.

      1. hi Eric, for years the people on board the ferry from Helsinki Finland to Tallinn Estonia have observed Russian submarines

        1. Just out of curiosity are they aggressive or just wandering the seas. How often does that happen? Because of my father I have the honor of seeing all things Military so I was able to see an actual US Submarine here in San Diego. It seemed much smaller in real life.

  1. I think the Russians want to imply they are capable of destroying underwater things. The second motive may be to make sure the Germans will freeze without Russian gas next winter.

      1. Is that mass poisoning or only some political persons?
        Gas leaks also are bad for nature!

  2. That fits with this situation. I read a newspaper article several years back that Russian subs were spotted in the Baltic waters many times with great concern. And now this.

  3. They are Russia’s pipeline. They can be turned off at the depot in minutes. No need to have subs lurking in the sea for years waiting for the right moment to fracture them.
    The only person who EVER threated to destroy them was Biden as evidenced above.

    1. Your selling a bag of bones. Those pipes are worth billions and Europe flipped that Bill. Then that Toddler blew it up. If his fuel wasn’t going to be sold then screw everyone, all Europes money down the tubes, because he is throwing the biggest tantrum the world has ever seen. Your trying to put logic into the conversation, but this is Putin, logic is gone. He is threatening the world with nuclear war and holding up food and energy, while all his people leave the country.

    2. It seems that gas is turned on in Russia. Because gas go on leaking from broken pipelines!
      Terrorism. Maybe some bad plans for Baltic sea…there are important routes for ships and cables..

  4. Ukraine is only a victim in the larger plan? Putin wants the world war. Nato is not his enemy but freedom is.

    1. No, the predictions clearly show us eventually going to World War. Russia is really looking like the “Red Flag” that leads us all to WW3. I am gasping at whether or not to share it. Look at the WW3 prediction it talks about everyone fleeing.

      1. I said that when the war started: Putin wants the world war. Lies, provocations..
        But if he falls, someone even worse rises after him.. or later? No change, but the same ideology with the new leader? Putin has been KGB- agent and do not accept the breakdown of Soviet Union

    1. Of course he is sick. The most misarable part of this is that his own people do not stop him… It is good that some fled from mobilisation (so that they are not turned into killers of innocent people), but I wish they had courage to overthrow regime, instead of fleeing. But people in Europe are so tired of wars… it is a high time for the peace-full golden age to come. No more wars. Please God, send your Ambassador, do not wait for half a world to be blown up by sick humans

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