World Prediction: The Clearing

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The Yin needs a yang, the day needs night, the washer needs a dryer and the same applies here. In the last post it was as if we just consumed the entire planet after turning into the ocean and however odd it may sound the next step is to do the opposite . The ‘clearing’ or the cleansing.

There are so many ways to complete this task. There is the Spiritual path, The great path of the Buddha, the Dao, Qi Qong, just to name a few. Paths of enlightenment that I have had the honor of exploring. Each of them unique in there own way connecting you to Spirit in their own way and all of them working. But how do they connect you to spirit?

But there is also the bizarre, the supernatural, the psychic tools. The black mirror. Nostradamus staring into the bowl of water, the Egyptians scryers staring at a gold mirror, and the most famous of all a gaudy over jeweled hand reaching out to a huge crystal ball. Recognize all of these tools are ‘reflective’ in nature. How do they connect you to Spirit?

Do you really believe that staring at a bowl of water will tell you the future? If I told you I need to go back and look at my bowl of water before answering your psychic question. What would you think? And yet… Eric has his own tool. Yep you see it every day. The ball. Its a large hematite sphere. Honestly it looks nothing like the picture, more in lines with a cannon ball. But it too is a “Reflective” tool.

Now are there supernatural qualities to these tools? There is the power of Qi, The power to harness it which I will explain another day. But I do not prescribe in any way to these tools having the means to fly across the room, or make you into a latin speaking monster vomiting pea soup. Its just a mirror. Its just a bowl of water.

So what are we doing then? What are we trying to accomplish with all this? Thats what I asked them. They gave me a very basic answer that sums it up in simple terms, and that is what I want to share with you. Not how exactly I complete my task, because there are so many ways this is done, and I have tried them all, but what exactly are we trying to achieve here. If you understand that you can find your own way: Here is your goal, so you can properly connect to Spirit: The Goal

There is a storage center. This is your mind. In the storage center are an endless amount of boxes. The boxes fill up the entire storage center. These boxes are your thoughts. Not just your basic thoughts but your deep ones as well. The thoughts you hold on to. All of them must go. All of them must be removed from the storage center. Because this is where Spirit places their letters and they will not enter until the room is cleared.

Spirits Vision

So thats it, you must surrender to the universe and to your creator and you must have a clear unfettered mind to communicate to the Spiritual Realm. You can take the great and noble path of the Buddha and meditate under a tree and reach a state of Nirvana. I did, I highly recommend it for you. Do that and you will remove one box and 10 more will pop up, so take your time walking that path. Or you can stare at a bowl of water at candle light for a few hours like my uncle Nostradamus did. From what I learned it is a faster, a sort of self hypnosis, but your boxes also return faster too. Always Yin and yang with life. Both paths help clear your mind and prepare you for the Spiritual path.

5 thoughts on “World Prediction: The Clearing

  1. I’ll try the candle method, thank you. It would be helpful too for my specific self-healing I’m going through at this moment.

    and I like gentle fires, so that is a plus.

  2. Hi Eric, thanks for simplifying spiritual information for us. Although I find it easier to empty those storage boxes associated with desire (greed), but emptying out boxes associated with hatred(aversion) is more difficult. But I need to remind myself of the fantastic reward at the end of it all, more fantastic than this realm.

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