Haiti Roads Burn

Haiti..Islands around Haiti.. June.. middle.. very destructive.. festival.. on the road of 13 so much death. 

ELP World Prediction 5-29-22

The month is July not June, so that is wrong. But the road is burning and its the middle of the month. Please find a path to end this gang grip Haiti. Our heart is with you Haiti. Has this prediction happened? I will let you decide.

8 thoughts on “Haiti Roads Burn

  1. The suffering in this small country, for various reasons, has been going on for decades. At the same time, the neighboring Dominican Republic is faring far better. What could be done to give the Haitians a brighter future?

  2. The root cause of Haiti’s economic and social problems can be traced back to European colonialism; the Haitians have been compelled to compensate others for the loss of a lucrative slave industry. Doesn’t sound good, right? See, for example, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/External_debt_of_Haiti So, it’s basically us, Europeans, who would have the moral obligation to right these past wrongs.

  3. A little off topic, or maybe it’s not.
    How many nations have had their Governments interfered with my the previous US administration, and hence why many sought asylum in the US?
    “A Venezuelan government official on Thursday called former White House national security adviser (Republican) John Bolton “crazy” after his admission this week that he had tried to plot foreign coups, including backing an unsuccessful bid to oust socialist President Nicolas Maduro.”

    1. Very good, Pete. Have you issued or are you planning to issue a similar set of predictions for the next 10 years?

      1. Hi Itk. I’m currently reviewing all my Blogs and as I come across predictions I put them up for the weekly blog, but then I’ll have them all together on a separate page. There are certainly a lot of prediction for future times coming up in that review. As you can see from these latest lot, mine are very general, while Eric’s are more specific and current.

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