I had a heart attack. WOW do not have one! I have been down for a week. We tried to contact everyone before this message but I am in great resting spirits. Thanks That one was a scare.

In other news I am so excited to really see what we are creating,, the new site is coming, a plate of their specific message. The look is exciting to me. What we miss is is simple new log. a stamp on the seal. the stamp on the mail. Thoughts?

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  1. So good to hear from you! I wish you a speedy recovery; I suppose everything is OK, or better now…at least, the doctors now know more about your specific condition, and it can be kept under control.

  2. Yikes, that must have been scary as heck! Make sure you don’t overexert yourself; allow yourself time to heal!

  3. Omg Eric!!!! Wholly smokes. Don’t know what to say except heal up. COVID-19 new variant rampant out there. Protect yourself from exposure so as not to amplify the problems. Prayers out. 🙏🙌😮

  4. I was checking about 5 times a day as I was worried where you had got to! So sorry you’ve had to go through that, but so glad you’re ok! Take care of yourself, first and foremost, and only return when you’re ready. 🙂

  5. I’m glad you’re back. Keep well, please. You’re in my prayers for a speedy recovery.
    Sending you much love. God bless.

    1. Glad you are on the mend! Saying it wasn’t fun is an understatement having been through this with a family member. You are waaay too young for this stuff! Wishes and prayers. Continue your good work.

  6. Oh my Eric! Wishing you a speedy recovery! I was wondering about you when we hadn’t heard from you in a while. Take it easy! Prayers and blessings.

  7. Wow!! Eric, glad to know that you’re getting better and heart attacks are the craziest illnesses anyone can get! I’m keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you a huge, speedy recovery! Many blessings!

  8. hope you get well soon eric

    get lots of rest and look forward to seeing you back

  9. And here was I thinking you’d gone fishing in the Bahamas *Chuckle* ….. Truly hoping this bloody health side of your life gets sorted out soon brother.
    Things will be heating up very soon in the world and you’ll be seriously needed.
    And I know you KNOW I’m offering a lot more to our Spirit Friends/Teams than thoughts and prayers …. Pete

    1. Yes we need you and Eric, Pete. I think the proverbial SH is about to hit the fan really soon. All the violence. Could go to fireworks 20 years ago and the only thing you’d have to think about is one errant one going off in the crowd. I cannot believe what’s going on in the US here!! Sadly wouldn’t even go to a grocery store in a huge city anymore. I’m sticking to the rural Amish bent and dents myself lol. I can’t believe what the US has become. It’s quite frightening. But there will probably be no place to hide in the end all places will be like the Wild West or worse actually. I feel it in my bones somethings not right. Not so sad for myself but sad for the twenty somethings and under. There is a real sense of sadness and loss of hope. You even listen to what I call millinium music it’s gloomy sad and like a longing. Bring back that bubblegum happy stuff lol. I feel bad for my kids. It’s gotta be confusing as hell out there. And for people who say well there always was STUFF … not this rage not this hate it’s different…the actual air is different. It’s almost taking on a life of its own. I worry about the future and the coming days. They aren’t gonna be for sissies that’s for sure!!! Hope we all get through it with scars and stars lol. Thanks Pete. That heart stuff is so scary. Health issues the worst and Eric so vibrant take care all!

      1. From what I’ve read and viewed on line, an American exodus has already started, mostly to Europe: Italy, Germany and France being the primary destinations. The totally expensive US medical system, too little too late gun controls and racism seems to be high on the agenda for they’re leaving. There is a strong sense that the current Government is locked into a very serious downward spiral with no hope of the status quo being changed.
        Prided and patriotism of the US seems to be making way for survival of the fittest, with a devil may care attitude towards “my fellow Americans”.
        As to your kind remarks re me and my efforts, thank you. But it is the ‘Eric’s’ of this world that are needed now, as my time on this mortal coils are at the end degree, not the middle, like Eric. Pete

  10. You haven’t had a good run with your health of late. I hope you overcome this one as well and get on top of the world soon. Your family needs you! As do we all!

  11. I found a future “predictions” via remote viewing for 2050. It seems that humans have figured out how to proceed without nuclear war, at least according to the data that this scientist collected. Crossing fingers for humanity.

    1. I believe Eric said tactical nukes not strategic nukes, which aren’t the kind we think of when we think of humanity-ending nuclear war. Still horrible, just not strategic nukes since tactical are small, short-range, high accuracy missiles used on the battlefield.

      I also watched the new interview about remote viewing for 2060 and enjoyed it.

      1. Yes, tactical nukes were mentioned in the near future, but Eric has a much more scary prediction about 2036. I doubt he meant a small scale problem, but I hope with all my heart this prediction will not come true by human and divine joined effort. I pray every day for peace and for normal people, especially children and nature be intact. We really must be more capable and more intelligent than that.

    1. Hielina, thank you for sharing; this video is most interesting. Also remember Eric’s prediction that was interpreted as related to cold fusion: according to the study presented on the video, it would be applied to power cars.

      1. It is so interesting! I hope this cold fusion would not give out radiation… I was also shocked by the idea of limiting air travel – it is not only about people travelling, we ship a lot of food and items by air… countries will have to make a lot of products locally.

  12. Sorry to hear about the heart attack that had to be really scary. Glad you seem to be getting back well. So sending healing prayers and light to you and your family!

  13. Yikes you are too young for this kind of problem. Take care. Make sure you eat a healthy diet.
    Please rest and work your fitness back with walking a bit more each day.

  14. I was sure I posted my prayers & well wishes for your recovery & future health days ago, but I do not see them. My hopes for you & your boys future remains the same. 😇

  15. Wishing you a very speedy recovery, please take care of yourself and thank you for all you do for us x

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