Crash of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency.. fraud.. Pyramid.. deceit.. your money gone.” Then I had a visual of stacks and stacks of wallets then about half of them disappeared. 

World Predictions 5-5-21

This prediction has happened. I have posted it again, because the value of Crypto has crossed the half wallet mark. This is also a reminder to you, the next ”Economic” problem coming is a huge spike in food prices and and food shortages.

Another Historical World Prediction. This 2012 World Prediction happened in the year 2021. ‘RobinHood’ CEO was in the news over the stocks in GameStop.

They will hack into accounts and steal from the filthy rich, who have reputations for greed and self-serving attitudes and give the money to the un-entitled, and those desperately in need of help. Though criminals of the 21st century, they will be seen as heroes dubbed under the banner of “Robin Hood”.

Prediction 35: 21st Century Robin Hood

17 thoughts on “Crash of Cryptocurrency

  1. Hi, Eric. Sorry, my question is completely off this cryptocurrency topic: I’d like to ask you if you just recently posted something about a new turn in the pandemic, or a new virus. The funny thing is that, before, I was absolutely sure you did, but now I can’t find anything about it, even though I checked it several times. I have an impression of quite a brief message, starting with you regretting that you have to bring some bad news…

    1. Hielina, this is interesting but, of course, to be considered critically. Basically, I see no contradiction between Eric’s views and this: it’s about an east-west confrontation. What I’m wondering is how long the union between Russia and China will remain. Considering that China wants to expand its territory, building artificial islands, etc., I think there’s absolutely no guarantee that, at some point, she would not take Manchuria back from Russia, should an opportunity arise.

      1. I have stopped feeling disbelief that the providence of heavenly Spirits allow monsters to walk the same Earth as innocent children, selfless doctors and other normal and good people. I look at NATO – how fragile the alliance still is and how tied up and immobilized they are (because they want to avoid destruction of course) with the threats of nukes. Maybe heaven is tied with some rules and fears as well… Now I look at them like NATO (probably weird comparison, but it makes sense) – powerful, probably loving in their own way but unable or unwilling to help. It is still hard to understand that there might be a war that finished majority of Earth and it is being allowed by the higher forces. This is why I am trying so hard to understand them

        1. Hielina, firstly, we don’t know how everything will play out exactly, and, as we have seen, future events and their consequences can be influenced, and this is exactly Eric’s mission. The conflicts of our time reflect a stage in which the old Age is closing to an end and a new, far better one is gradually taking over. Between systems/periods, there is often friction and turmoil; this applies, e.g., to human growth (with puberty as a critical phase) or to weather (with fronts with rain and/or thunder separating warm and cold masses of air), etc. At the same time, these conflicts serve as a collective lesson for all of us who are incarnated here at this moment: we are expected to learn – even though the content of the lesson varies between people and depends on each individual’s soul plan.

        2. There is a need to face a sad reality. ‘Spirits’ didn’t interfere in the Great War. Spirits didn’t inferfere in WWII. Spirits didn’t interfere in any way prior to, or after those wars.
          Was that because people didn’t pray fervently then? Is this Russian invasion happening because not enough people are praying?
          I know I’m going to sound cruel, and I feveriously apologise for what I’m inferring. We can’t pray for evil not to happen. Jesus never said it.
          He said we pray for the will of the Father. ‘Thy Will be done”.
          Until we become at ONE with Creation, by letting go of the material world and interacting directly with that Power via our Spiritual Friends, we will continue to see thiese painful events destroy our world.
          Eric infers that the King will come. Would any one of us consider our world worth of such a Honour?

          1. So Pete, you’re saying He is allowing these people of war die because He wants them to. I know we have too many people so I can see that. On the other hand, does He care who dies, or is it random?

              1. I did read it again. It’s the “Thy will be done” line that says it’s God’ will that people are dying in this war.

                1. War and killing is NOT Creator/God’s Will, Jesus’ Will or Spirit’s Will. Its humans that long ago forgot how to pray or interact on a Spiritual level. It’s humans that put wealth and possessions and superior egos ahead of the Creator’s will that are totally to blame. Surely you could see that was my inferrence?

          2. I truly do not believe in what you have written. I do not believe that God’s will is connected to war. God is loving at least I believe in that and above all these games – be it the games of powerful of Earth or games of Heaven for “teaching” the lesson. I will continue to pray

            1. Nor have I said that God’s will is connected to war, as you suggest. Anyone with the simplest of knowledge of the Christian belief knows that ‘God gave man free will and choice.”
              How many truly believe in God any more? How many follow the teaching of Jesus as He spoke them, not a Church’s interpretation?

              1. I believe in God, and His wonders of nature, but I don’t go to church since I went to my uncle’s funeral, and the preacher said my uncle was going to hell because he wasn’t baptized, all in front of the family. I believe in evil, and ask God for his white light of protection all the time, but now Pete, you are saying prayers don’t help, that it is God’s will. I don’t want to talk about this anymore, and I will continue to pray for Ukraine, and President Zelensky.

            2. Hielina, what if that collective lesson for today’s young generation is to become aware of the mindlessness of war, which then will pave way for more profound and permanent changes in society and in the world?

              1. Yes, but we truly do not need another war to have that lesson. I know countless people who have had families crippled by wars, properties taken away many times (my family) and those people are the same ones who have spent lives respecting human lives and trying to heal them, like doctors… it is not right to blame all the humans on Earth for being violent, as Eric suggests, and it is really strange to read that his Spirit people suggest that they see humans as one bloc – if there is a morally crippled one – they punish everybody. It does not seem right. On another note – I just worked today with a document of a project of Artificial Intelligence systems that will check (in future, hopefully) candidates to leading positions in government posts against features of character as dictatorial, violent ect. What I mean – I will pray until my last breath to the loving God that the good people will be saved and spared from “lessons” by war and that people have mental/moral/technological tools to achieve a world without wars. I think at least minority of people here have developed past war – meat factory type of thinking.

              2. We do not need war for that, we could be clever enough to find another way (I wish) of educating younger generations – some kind of real multidimensional simulation in cyber environment or something. I do not see a spiritual reason for war any more. War is an extreme idiocy and anomaly that cripples people psychologically and physically for many generations. I think the good times will come quicker if people will not think of war as something spiritually beneficial. If enemy comes to your house, you have to defend yourself, but there is nothing spiritually elevating in it

  2. Spiking food prices! A lot of the preparedness videos on YouTube keep talking about the food prices going up this fall and I just took it with a grain of salt and thought oh they’re trying to just get hits. But now that you’re saying it maybe I better go do a little extra grocery shopping thanks for the heads up.

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