Loyalty Met With Loyalty

M Dooley, Macabe would love to talk with you. Please email Bea to set up our hour conversation. What does this mean? Read below.

Loyalty will be met with Loyalty. Those that share our work on social media outlets. Those that donate to our cause. Those that help me in the comments pointing out what predictions have happened. Those that help me with my technical issues. So much Loyalty you have shown us over the last 10 years. 

So Spirit wants to return the favor. Meet them. It would be in the form of an hour reading but the options are available. Not just a personal reading but if thats all you want, Great! But have a conversation with Macabe. Have a conversation with the Guards. All of this would be done through me of course. You have been loyal to them, let us return the favor. 

Starting now, everyone who makes an effort to share our work or help us in any way will have their name (Avatar) added to a hat. At the end of each month I will simply draw out a name and announce it on the 1st of every month. The first draw will be May 1st. May 1st is my own target date for the revised World Prediction site.

So if you are sharing our work and it isn’t apparent let me know. Otherwise I will be adding names as I see it. I see the future nightmare stage coming together right now and that just does not work for me. The time for change is here. The time for change is right now.

19 thoughts on “Loyalty Met With Loyalty

  1. I love you and your predictions. You are very interesting and accurate! I always mention you on other tarot and psychic websites. Thank you for all you do!

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  2. Hi Eric, sounds like a brilliant idea. Would it be a good idea to have a facebook page as well?

  3. Hi again, Eric! I too have shared your website online and to a quite famous tarot reader. Obviously I shared your link throughout my family repeatedly, and am trying to come up with other ideas. I think you are doing amazing work and I pray for us all. Thank you for all the huge effort ❤️

  4. I, too, have shared a little with those that I felt would listen. But, my prayers involve praying for others to be able to open their eyes and see what a difference you have made, too. Slowly, it looks like it’s been catching on more and more. This would be an interesting opportunity to have the communication with Macabe and the Guards. Could you refresh me again on whom the Guards are? I presume some form of angels? Thanks, Eric!

    1. They are literally Macabes guards. I try not to make him as big as he is, but honesty they are his security detail. He is a sort of General. If there was one on the other side.

  5. I feel really honored that I’ve been pick to have a reading
    Looking forward to it
    Thank you so very much

  6. I suppose I help by forwarding these predictions to friends.Unfortunately I don’t feel that does much good. I’m not a celebrity where I could make more people aware.Maybe Eric should go on a program like Coast to Coast.Get more exposure that way.However, I must point out that people are tired of gloom and doom. Therefore I think many will be turned off by World Predictions.I think more positive predictions need to be included.I understand the purpose of these predictions but as I said people are overwhelmed by gloom and doom.And when that happens they tune out anything bad.

    1. Eau contrare! It was predicted on several more positive things. Recently, there have been some archaeological digs that would turn history and our perceptions on its head. I’ll try looking that up later. It happened just recently. as one example.

  7. I have shared your predictions with Ukrainians and Russians from 1920 website on youtube and in Facebook, but my links on youtube/Facebook usually get deleted quickly, the contents is too scary I guess. It is understandable, it is extremely scary. I do not wish for a conversation with the Spirits you are working with, because I am not anybody important.. I just wish there would be more details in some predictions so that innocent people could be saved. It is just a wish, nothing more, I have given up now regarding sharing. Thanks to Spirits and you for your work, I hope it will help somebody.

  8. Hi Eric,
    I am very grateful that this will be a gift to the people that help you. I don’t have a platform to share, but I do pray that predictions change especially the dark ones.
    I just want to say thank you for all that you do for us all.

  9. Hi Ericleighpink & Spirits Macabe
    Thank you for my amazing reading
    From my past with connections
    France& Celtic
    Expectually Egypt when new wow
    To my present time & family
    Just amazing
    Thank you heaps again
    M.dooley M

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