World Predictions 5-29-22

Haiti..Islands around Haiti.. June.. middle.. very destructive.. festival.. on the road of 13 so much death.

ELP World Prediction 5-29-22

Barbarism holds weight over the people in the Russian War, you said ”Never Again” world what a wasted lie your about to see. “Again” in the worst way,

ELP World Prediction 5-29-22

Anarchy rages in South America on the west coast. The agricultural needs strangled. Protest leads to violence. The ’new problem’ rises.

ELP World Prediction 5-29-22

We can help.

44 thoughts on “World Predictions 5-29-22

  1. Haiti- sounds like massive earthquake.
    You say “we can help”, as in prayer or prior warning right? Get the message out. Do spirits indicate (may already know obvious answer) that every event is hmmm…not necessarily avoidable but soften the bow or yea I guess completely averted? There’s free will concept. Makes me think of your personal readings. Can I pray it away? Lol. Or I guess its a heads up and you can go a different direction. Ex: “I see a long table like in a court room and wind blows all the paperwork off. A missed opportunity.” This actually occurred. You had the timeframe correct. The right scenario but it was my aunt. (We have very similiar energy btw.) She actually was offered the same job a few days ago so the opportunity came and was actually a very missed opportunity last Sept. Not missed opportunity now. ;)By studying how personal readings tranpires helps me/us figure out, get a ballpark idea if possible, your world predictions.

    1. Action is necessary here. Bold action. But the Spirits are forming a new plan right now behind the scenes, that is what they are preparing you for R2D2 for, something for us oldies that just might work. In the coming days I plan to share my ideas, It goes with the idea with the new version of the site. So i think they are hinting at that.

      1. Very exciting! Be cool if you could conduct a live virtual events-kinda like a YouTube platform. Certainly you deserve the recognition. To put it in Eric prediction methaphor— I see gold bars..or…climbing up a ladder. 😉 I couldn’t resist!
        Natural disasters, wars, terrorism-domestic/internationally always exists but a global famine? Eeks looks like Mother Earth has kicked it up a notch. We do go through cycles. Powerful leaders can control food distribution as well. Sure grow your own food, but supplies such as seeds could be controlled by the government. Back to let’s do something about it-steer in a different direction.🙏🙌🌹

  2. For the first prediction, “on the road of 13 so much death” sounds almost like a deliberate car-ramming.

    Do you think that explosion/bomb in Ukraine will happen soon, or has it been prevented somehow?

    1. Sara, I have a similar question – I also want to know this and I want to know details so that I can warn somebody. I have warned Ukrainians not to go back to Kiiv, but I am not sure, if it is Kiiv or Odessa or somewhere else. I wish the predictions would be much more specific, from my human perspective it is important to save lives. I guess Spirit world does not have that perspective, it is more detached and unemotional.

      1. That last phase hurt a bit. Unemotional is how they would describe you, humanity. The species killing each other at obscene rate. They don’t do that at all they actually love each other. Your right. Its like an Ocean of information coming in, I am working on it. We have new ways forming. We have new ideas, New predictions, new things you haven’t see yet, new ideas, new plans, new systems that we bought with all that money you gave me. So the message is a bit of introduction to what I am literally about to introduce, in the coming days.

        1. Eric, it is not really a reproach to anybody let alone Spiritual world (how could I), but it is a sheer desperation for me as a human being with human emotions. I am sure Spiritual world have their own emotions, they are just completely different from my human emotions and who knows why they do not want to share a precise location, maybe they have reason. When I read messages on Facebook of Ukrainians that they are going back to Ukraine and these are living, breathing humans and I could warn them if I knew from what I am warning them…On the contrary, many predictions about trends (human behaviour towards environment, future famine, gardening) are extremely educating and very useful, because these predictions give the awareness (which is a tool). But just some prediction(attacks, bombs) make me, personally, feel as if my heart will come out of my body from pain – because the information is general (it is great that we have that information) but not specific enough to help anybody…

          1. Oh no I totally get it. I totally understand your position. I just wish so much you could see theirs, but the pain of this world is caused by us. We need to take ownership of that and fix it ourselves if we are to ever evolve. That is the only solution, but they are more than willing to provide the guidance when we are ready to hear. They are showing you they know, they are showing you they have the information. I just need to iron it out a bit more.

    2. There were Bodies in the ocean. It looked like a location of 13, Or thats was the date. But its seems the center of the problem. That part was left out, it was beyond dark. But in the ocean?

  3. “Never Again” That comment is often used in Europe, with respect to WW2 and the concentration camps.
    Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are in POW camps. Is there a chance that they might be executed?

        1. Yeah we are look bad now. The new post coming says we are going back to Covid days of stocking toilet paper, I was not expecting it to turn so bad. However it is quickly attacked by our governments.

          1. That is what I was thinking-a festival separate from Haiti vision…unfortunately like Route 91 Vegas. 🙁 Is that the Texas prediction tho…”worst in US history”? Agree it could be a hurricane.

            Interesting to see what new ideas are coming!

            1. Haiti also has been handed an old reference. So that spells Tsunami or earthquake. However before I officially post that I want to verify. But that is my conclusion of Haiti.

  4. I have a possible interpretation for the Haiti or the Islands around Haiti prediction; sorry if I get it totally wrong. For me, number 13 points to a road number. I checked and found that there is no major road in Haiti with that number. Instead, there is one (DR-13) in the neighboring Dominican Republic, located on the same island.

  5. After the killings in Buffalo and Uvalde, I’m worried there might be more mass shootings or extremist attacks in this country. Are the spirits picking up on anything like that?

    1. We are actually shifting to economics and natural disasters. I had a vision yesterday of toilet paper on a table and 1% in the corner. That implies 2020 days. But before I post economic disaster I need to verify. OMG this is really getting to be a bit of endless bad news. I feel like the bull I ride (The world) suddenly went a bit wild, and I am stuck holding the bag here.

  6. Maybe adding another approach could help shift things no matter how small, you thought about doing a class to have people dive into their dormant psychic abilities? You would make a great teacher.

    When you said “if we are to ever evolve”, it made me think “maybe we need to tackle this in a different way”.

    1. Tirin, this is an interesting take. I like it! The same thing ran through my mind as well with the comment.
      I think Eric would make a great teacher as well. Its a good idea.

      1. Something else I wanted to add, you should ask to collaborate with Milou H. Polycarpe – Psychic, Medium on youtube (if he wants that) he is a world psychic like you.

        He has said a lot of interesting things that have come to pass, and also gives a different psychic viewpoint.

    2. Trinin, I definitely endorece this re Eric and getting people better connected Spiritually. I am way too small a commodity to have much effect …. and I’m not American, a major stumbling block sadly.
      Too many people lamenting the ‘now’ without a clue as to what we are facing. I truly cry at the ignorance.

        1. You’re welcome brother.
          Did you have ‘accident’ of some kind re Russia/Ukraine? Not nuclear but with world implications?
          Feel that is just around the corner. Contamination. Last straw. Chemical?

  7. The only festival I could find in June in Haiti is a music festival called Ultra in Port-Au-Prince on the 18th-19th.

  8. Barbarism holds weight over the people in the Russian War, you said ”Never Again” world what a wasted lie your about to see. “Again” in the worst way,

    Could this mean Russia uses a Nuclear Weapon on Ukraine?

    1. It seems to be a reference to torture, evil on an unwavering scale that is happening now but has not reached the media. Camps, torture, like WW2

  9. the prediction on haiti is accurate and close
    it’s cool
    It’s been a long time since we had such an accurate prediction.

  10. Will developing countries manage to get the food they so desperately need from the Ukraine?

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