Tea & Biscuits: Space Travel

Hello, this is Spirit who in this moment wants to take a break from all these ghastly nightmares we predict to share “knowledge” :

For your consideration Humanity, when you travel through space go with the ’flow’. Do you see the movement of the universe, everything spins like your dreidels, circling larger dreidels, everything moves in cycles and circles. Do that and navigation will become amplified. Its all about the spin.

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  1. petemedium Avatar

    This is fascinating Eric. Many, many years ago (in the late 60’s) an old Original Australian friend told me that the Tall People (a part of their Dreaming, and a pretty good description of tall Aliens that it is claiimed visited Original People many years ago) were the ones that show them how to make the Boomerang. I remember this friend saying that the rockets of that time were too slow, creating too much resistance but that if the rocke spun as it ascended, like the Tall People had said many, hundreds of years ago, the rockets would move much faster.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I guess spinning can manipulate the space?? Make it move a certain way? Odd.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Yes, all a bit too deep for me. But interestingly, most encounters with UFO’s indicate that they were spinning.

  2. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar

    They want us to relax and not swim upstream.

  3. adventuresofashton Avatar

    My starseed child, our oldest boy (9 at the time) who has always been sometimes overwhelmingly “in tune” randomly came to me last year on august 20th, 2021 to be exact and told me this:

    G****** just informed me that the way to access different galaxies is via black holes, as they are portals to different dimensions of space & time. 😳 #thatsdeep

    I just copied from my Facebook because I was blown away, but he was very adamant yet so casual with such a large revelation. Pretty awesome to see your words kind of go in the same direction in a sense.

    1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar

      It’s possible your child heard that in school. Albert Einstein & many other scientists have written about this.

      Lewis Carrol’s books Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are about this as well. Carrol was laughed at when he presented his theories so he disguised them as children’s stories. You can read more about this in Michio Kaku’s book Visions.

      1. adventuresofashton Avatar

        I will definitely look into it. They dove deep into space this year, but last year when he spoke about it he had only had very surface level learning/knowledge regarding space and mainly just the different phases of the moon and such. Sadly, he was only mid 2nd grade when school was sent to virtual for Covid. I had to help him with everything because he still struggled to operate a laptop efficiently at his age so I know it wasn’t covered in those years as all of his work, meetings etc were online until now in the 4th grade. I’m definitely going to look into that though!

  4. Scott Avatar

    Thats all pretty cool, I wonder if time travel is possible?

  5. K S Avatar

    Thats quite interesting – I know at the moment rockets use the spin of the Earth about its axis as a sort of “catapult”. It would probably make sense to use the spin of the earth about the sun as a similar mechanism, since that rotates much faster. Going even further, the solar system orbits a galactic centre which rotates even more quickly, so that could make an interesting catapult as well. There could be a gravitational element too – its much more efficient to leverage the gravitational fields of other astronomical bodies to pull you in a certain direction without expending much fuel (like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity_assist)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It manipulates gravity in a way we haven’t figured out.

  6. Hope Avatar

    I don’t know anything about space travel but your post reminds me of one of my visitors from the other side who comes through in a spiral mist. It kinda looks like a sideways tornado

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thats actually exactly the same way the Spirits enter. Like a large gate opening.

      1. Hope Avatar

        It’s cool to hear that! My gate appears deceptively small for the huge number of others that come with her.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          The size is related to the Qi

          1. Hope Avatar

            If you have time could you explain what you mean. Thanks

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              Oh wow. I don’t know if i can explain it that simple. Imagine a massive balloon. This is our universe. At the end of the balloon is the space all the air came from, its the place of our supposed Big Bang, this is the door, where all come from the other side. Heaven. The spiral you see is that small part of the balloon that opens up like squeezing a balloon that allow an immediate transportation to the other side. Now depending on what is around you, it will fuel that opening. So if it surrounded by massive life, say the ocean the opening is epic in size like a door the size of New York, but if the door has nothing to attach it to, no energy or life, no Qi, it will be a much smaller door.

              1. Hope Avatar

                The simplicity of your analogy is perfect! So much to ponder. Thanks!

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