Loyalty Met With Loyalty

Star48, Macabe would love to talk with you. Please email Bea to set up our hour conversation. The May 1st Thank you have been given. What does this mean? Read below.

Eric- My hope moving forward is to build you a flawless canvas of the future, followed by arrows, impact predictions. Both are tools for you to alter tomorrow. Then when the prediction happens, like the Kiev bombing now, we will be here doing a marketing blitz with the money you donated, https://gofund.me/e12ddd99 to bring attention to this one message, to flood the world with this one portrait of the future: Let Us Help Ukraine. But there will be plenty more, and we will be asking for you help in that timeline too. We will keep doing this until we Change the Future.

So now is the time, Share the World Prediction, you hold the key now: Let Us Help Ukraine

Our Mission: Predict the worlds future, make everyone aware and alter the tragic moment. On the eve of us rolling out new World Predictions its time to give our mission one epic push. The days of me standing off to the side waiting for this moment to come together on its own are over. We must alter the future. We are working right now to rebuild this site. We plan to spend money on marketing now. I am working to create the best video structure. Are you in the Media, because now I am open for a conversation. (With their approval)

So we begin this push with an Idea; Loyalty will be met with Loyalty. Those that share our work on social media outlets. Those that donate to our cause. Those that help me in the comments pointing out what predictions have happened. Those that help me with my technical issues. So much Loyalty you have shown us over the last 10 years. 

So Spirit wants to return the favor. Meet them. It would be in the form of an hour reading but the options are available. Not just a personal reading but if thats all you want, Great! But have a conversation with Macabe. Have a conversation with the Guards. All of this would be done through me of course. You have been loyal to them, let us return the favor. 

Starting now, everyone who makes an effort to share our work or help us in any way will have their name (Avatar) added to a hat. At the end of each month I will simply draw out a name and announce it on the 1st of every month. The first draw will be May 1st. May 1st is my own target date for the revised World Prediction site.

So if you are sharing our work and it isn’t apparent let me know. Otherwise I will be adding names as I see it. I see the future nightmare stage coming together right now and that just does not work for me. The time for change is here. The time for change is right now.

9 thoughts on “Loyalty Met With Loyalty

  1. Thank you Mr. Eric!

    I share links to your site on Christian Dion’s psychic gossip blog with his permission. I will post a link to “Let Us Help Ukraine” today.

  2. I share your work with my friends and some skeptics. I’ve been following your predictions, and was the first to close my studio seeing what was happening with the coronavirus. Thank you for your work.

  3. Eric,McCabe,
    I am overwhelmed thank you.
    I just now emailed Bea with my information..(I forgot phone nbr! Lol)

  4. Any new information about Poland and what Putin might be planning next in the war?

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