What We Predicted Would Happen for 2022

Whats Coming in 2022 I had a vision from the sky-high above of a large horse race track, old, worn, outdated. The day was brisk, cold, the ground muddy and wet from the day before. I could see the horses in the stables breathing the cold fog of the morning. On the ground was a wooden plaque that read 1919. Then a band of Rawhide Thugs got on the racetrack, dressed in old-style cowboy outfits for the outlaws. The first face I could make out was a familiar one; it was Death himself, I crossed his image before, and I am familiar with his horse. The second racer had a joker’s face; painted with makeup that was smeared as if trying to remove it,, he was dressed more like Barnum and Bailey. He had a twisted grin and filthy dirty hands. The third racer eludes me, his face was horribly scarred with cuts and burns. He also had smeared makeup to cover his scars, he also had an old gold Roman face mask, that was broken. All three raced ragefully towards the finish line. Mud flung from all sides, swinging across the tracks. How many rounds are there? Soon all three would pass the finish line. An announcer of the race came over the loudspeaker. “Thank God, the race is ending now. It’s coming to its ending.” in this old WW1 voice. I felt relief as the finish line flag wagged in the brisk air; this was ending. I had a vision. I was looking at a chessboard; then, I became a part of the chessboard. I walked through this large beautiful marble, cold, stony floor at night. There were life-sized pieces, then on both sides, black and white chess pieces fell. First the king, then a queen, then another king. They all begin to fall. They were replaced by pawns and bishops. I could hear ticking, ticking, ticking, as the board circled like a clock, then the board was forever different. 

Do you see this is a description of right now? I need to STOP giving you my views on their messages. Covid? No I am wrong with my initial view. I believe this is another “window” of time, the window of 2022, Outlaws have taken over the world. Kept us all captive. Death himself now dominates our news. A Roman Conquest is playing out and another is suffering and burning because of it. There is a joke of a leader right now ruining all of our lives. The air in the world is frigid, muddy, and a voice from the past is back, a voice from World War. Which will lead to a drastic shift of leadership on the chess board of our world. Just one big 💩. The take away however bleak is, it ends.

I needed to correct my error here. It is clearly about our moment right now. I promise not to ruin your Easter with my endless doom and gloom tomorrow. I am so turning into Darth Vader over the web. So I wish you all a wonderful Easter! The Spirits reminded me yesterday that it was my first Easter as a new father of two wonderful boys. Family is first and always to the Spiritual realm, they asked me to remind you to share your family bread with a stranger this Sunday, share your compassion, give it to those in need and move productively give to those serving a great need. Happy Easter, may we find the blessing we so richly need.

Finally I need to backtrack my last message, all Spiritual forces are headed to one timeline literally as I type this, we need to test our new way one last time, this is the fifth test, so one more test it will be. All eyes on the “New Moon”. That is the window of ‘time’ I plan to open next, I have to be honest its a bit of Jack in the Box cringe moment for me. Share the message with like minded people who want to help us change the world in the most strangest way. The new windows are opening soon. We can alter tomorrows tragedy.

52 thoughts on “What We Predicted Would Happen for 2022

  1. Oh dear, Eric, I’m not sure I like this prediction at all. But let’s face it, it is what it is. On 30th of April Europe and Africa will have a “black moon” a second new moon in the same calendar month. On same day it is “Beltaine” a night in the Celtic culture we believe the veil between this world and the next is thin, spirits and entities roam the earth freely. Not sure if this is all just a coincidence. I have felt the whole terrible situation in the Ukraine growing and building for many years now. Lately my dreams have focussed my attention on a pressure gauge on a boiler going to red and a bomb, a bright yellow bomb falling from the skies. Falling, but not exploding curiously. I have also dreamt of the sky turning a most radiant peach colour and spiritual help coming in droves to comfort Mankind. Given the media coverage it is no surprise these images are popping up in my unconscious mind. I still hope cool heads and gentle hearts will win the day. Right now the situation is looking bleak indeed. Forgiveness and reconciliation are powerful forces. Let’s hope we can turn the situation around. With much love to you all 💞

  2. I was thinking about what Pete said about the spiritual realm shifting and came to a realisation

    In the 1500’s we switched to the Gregorian Calendar, before that there were 13 months in a year, in Ethiopia their new year starts on the 1st of September

    I then thought about how much time was lost during the switch to the Gregorian calendar and it was 8 years forward

    Which got me thinking about the Mayan calendar and their end of the world/end of the age prediction for 21st December 2012

    As it turns out, that date was 31st December 2019, roundabout the time Covid hit the news etc and quite possibly a shift from the age of Pisces to Aquarius

    Just some food for thought

  3. I think:

    The first rider, Death, is Covid-19.

    The second rider, the Clown, is Donald Trump. A failure as a businessman (check out his Atlantic City casinos), he really found his mark in entertainment, TV on the Apprentice show before becoming president by selling a personal brand. But he has been very dishonest with the American people.

    The third rider, the Conqueror, is Vladimir Putin. No one since WWII has attempted big wars of conquest.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. On further thought, the second rider could be our political discourse in general. Focused on silly “cultural war” issues and other distractions, there is no thought for making real plans for the future. At least it looks that way from the USA.

    2. I think the first rider is death and death has dominated the news. The second is Putin the Joke and the third is the horror of war, a Roman helmet broken. All racing in 2022 but ending as well.

      1. Eric weren’t there 4 riders of the apocalypse? Does this biblical prediction have anything to do with yours?

        1. there are 4 horses of apocalyse
          White Horse if Cinquest often depicted as. Roman conquerer so the mask makes sense
          Red Horse of War
          Black Horse of Famine and Pale Horse of Death

          1. Rawhide. The old western with Clint Eastwood. I regret ever mentioning horsemen. Rawhide tv show. Nothing at all biblical here. Just thugs taking over the world. Can someone find a video of Rawhide thugs, so we can squash this. No end coming. Just a reflection of 2022.

              1. Thank You So Much!!! Everyone look these are the horsemen, do they look like they are from the Bible. Is that the image of Apocalypse?. Or is it an image of Thugs. Thugs is the message. Boy did we get one.

        2. Rawhide everyone. Think young Clint Eastwood. Funny dressed thugs, with silly hats, It’s about these three thugs taken control briefly. No biblical reference at all. Thanks.

      2. Eric, I believe it is Death, Putin, and War as well. I just want it to end. They are putting people is camps in Russia. Stealing and killing children and killing innocents. Zelinski said when Russia invaded and Ukraine soldiers gave up in 2014 The Russian soldiers murdered the unarmed soldiers. Now Mariupol is about to fall. Will the Ukraine defenders again be murdered?

  4. Oh, I feel so unworthy to even comment after those two most insightful researched comments!! Except to thank them for the insights.

    I guess no matter what happens later on, we only have our moment right now to enjoy right now.

    Turning on the news to more atrocities around the world and wishing it was just a bad dream or just not true. It’s depressing. Some of the stuff happening I can’t even understand how soldiers could do these to strangers when they have mothers and daughters and thier own families. How could you ever go home look in the face of your family after doing such horrific acts to people? Putin’s another one who really doesn’t need MORE LAND! Lol also he’s ruined it ALL so all he’s getting is ruined land! Why can’t he just stay in his Tetris palace, and do what oligarths do?? Whatever that is?? Hard for me to believe he has daughters and knowing what his soldiers are doing? Some people are so absolutely loose wired apparently they don’t get oh yeah they got something in common with my daughters, they are loved treasured human beings. I don’t understand the disconnect here, from this Russia thing and from how the Nazis and what they did to people. Why and where do these people come from? How do they live with themselves? How can they do this to other humans who they don’t know never met? It’s just a hard concept for me. What happened to their brains along the way?
    Maybe we can alter the future by having mandatory classes in human kindness and relations worldwide and anti bullying classes for children?? Ones that work?
    The older I get I have more questions than answers unfortunately.

    Yes that’s right your first official Easter as a dad! WOW do something extra fun!

    I can imagine all the weight of world predictions on your shoulders. I guess the spiritual realm helps you shoulder it all or you couldn’t do it. We can all use days/weeks off. You probably most of all!!! Enjoy!

    1. The mandatory classes is such a great idea! But I think no country should concentrate so much power into one person as Russia has concentrated into office of their president, he literally has the power unilaterally blow up the world if he so pleases, just on the pretence that he felt that everybody else is “Nazi”. It is so sad, but Russia will not allow probably to democratize his powers… Also no president should be in power for 20 or 30 years, they just go crazy and totally lose connection with reality

  5. A Microsoft upgrade earlier today has closed down my computer and even the Microsoft technicians can’t get it open. I have no means of regularly contacting you all again until I can save enough to get a new laptop. I lost at least two months of notes for future Blogs and will have to start all over again.

    The unit I’m using to write this now is totally unreliable and could drop out at any time.

    I am extremely angry that the Microsoft monopoly are forcing me to have to continue supporting their incompetence, and am truly sorry that I can’t get the intended Blog, and who knows how many other Blogs, to you.
    As soon as I have a new laptop, I’ll let you know.

    Again my humble apologies to you all. Pete

    1. Pete, do you have a place near you that sells refurbished laptops? Also online I know Amazon sells pretty inexpensive refurbished ones w desktops even less costly. Just an idea to get you on down the road. Updates? I hate em they will mess up your phone too, I always decline. Why fix it if it isn’t broke??? Sorry for the loss of your great works too.

    2. Keep restarting it but as it loads up hold the power button down so it turns off, then do it again and again and again, eventually you should be able to reset it

        1. You need to keep turning it off as it’s starting up, repeatedly, also names Ricky 🙂👍 if Eric can send you my email I’ll be able to help further

          Another option would be to use your current computer to make a bootable USB so that you can reinstall windows again

    3. Hi Pete, You don’t need another PC, just another HDD. Depending on your setup you may be able to use your other HDD as a secondary device and still access all your files. My PC is 10 year old, with latest solid state HDD still works ultra fast, in fact performs better than when I first bought it. New drive will set you back $AU70

  6. Please look up Eric’s prediction from 4-16-2013 and related tagged predictions from other dates either earlier or later. The US next for terrorist act? When the other day Eric said after “Diana” the reference to a full moon in his visions, it seems to unfortunately resonate. Today is the full moon. Tomorrow Easter. I’m not talking about the recent domestic terrorism this past week in NY subway, unless the guy was attached to a terrorist group after investigation. No, something else. Today I looked up in the sky and saw how this jet was waaay out of the flight path (surely due to high winds they were diverted) and how he banked gave me an eery feeling. You know how Eric sees charcoal figures then it fades to black? Like THAT kind of feeling. I recall the Easter bombing few years back in Sri Lanka..wasn’t it a church? I may have the wrong country. Columbia hotel too. There’s been so many terrorist acts, truly difficult to keep in line.
    Welcome any thoughts or opinions.

  7. Eric and Donna B: have you ever heard of Dannion Brinkley, an author of his near-death experiences? His first book has predictions he’s had to share and one of them has something about the power of a Russian leader that rides a white horse. Even though the time frame predicted the year 2000, the rest sure sounds a lot like this situation. He’s had several of his predictions come true. The book was published in 1994. But, he got this stuff in 1974 in his 1st near-death experience.

    1. I was not impressed by Dannion Brinkley. I went to one of his talks and he was really sloppy with facts talking about things like physics discoveries, totally misconstruing scientific discoveries in particle physics. I think Dannion was probably just being very sloppy instead of intentionally dishonest. But if you don’t know something, don’t pretend that you do!

      What I really admire about ELP is he is very careful with his facts and never spouts misinformation.

      1. Yes, I agree about misinfo on some things he does. ELP is probably the best I’ve seen. Just merely pointing out something Dannion did get right and how fitting it is for what’s happening now. Thanks for sharing.

          1. Do your spirits only work with you or do they communicate with other mediums else where in the world?

            1. The way they explained it to me was some, not all have antlers we can’t see. Its based on the age of the soul, how that computes to your body, IDK. My antlers run abnormally long. Old buck if you know what i mean. Some people have small ones. I have seen two different people with antlers much larger than mine. Just two so I am curious to meet another very old buck.

              1. Can you explain it what do you mean by antlers? Are they horns? It is used metaphoricallyu? IKD is I dont know? Old buck is dollar? Sorry for being annoying, but sometimes the messages are so cryptical (I am non native English speaker)…

                1. Its a metaphor, to a degree. Its knowledge of the other side. Electrical current has the power to hold memory and prophecy. Something we haven’t harnessed as a race. It is the way the entire universe talks from one part to another. That is much more than you think it is. The electric part of you has direct ties to you soul. This is how it all communicates. If you looked at the electrical Qi, around the head, it fuels the information. It looks like either rings of energy around your head or like electrical antlers. Its just the silly look it creates. Fun fact your soul sits outside of you. You are the wick and it is the fire.

        1. I apologize Ed. I was being selfish & self-seeking. Eric tries to remind us about the purpose of this site and respecting others. Please accept my apology.

  8. Mr. Eric, you are forgiven. Maybe you need to take a break and spend some time with the boys. I “feel” the pressure of getting the messages out as quickly as possible is causing you to feel stress. We will be here for you when you return to the blog & the Tube site.

    Everyone, Happy Easter! Christ is risen. Jesus saves!

    1. Yes it is. The only hope is to pray fo God to avert the bad people keeping power or taking power, I guess.

  9. Civilians/citizens need to OPEN THEIR EYES, and I think this is just starting to happen. The level of disgust and outrage at what they finally see is going to be enormous.

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