Roman Abramovich Poisoned

This horrible prediction has started. The triangle shaped vial has arrived as they predicted in 2020 before we ever knew, the fear of nuclear war would return. I have included the entire prediction, there is only one part that hasn’t happened yet. The entire prediction is about to complete itself.

World Prediction 2 Recited: London.. Poison on the UK land. The Russians use a redundant tactic. I had a visual of one man wiping his leather gloved hands briefly over another as they passed, leaving a mark. Then from the halls and rooms of the UK government pure rage.

World Predictions 12-8-20 I had a visual I was walking up a hillside of a dirt road. On the path of the road were two snakes fighting over the road, constantly snapping at each other. Then one bit the other in such a way that was so hostile. 
I continued up the road to see armies gathering. Two nations preparing for war. Each side blustering. Then in the most horrific way the lights that operate nuclear weapons turned on. The message ends there with the impression that cooler heads prevail. Very Cuban missile crisis. Though they never said who, it literally is a fight over a dirt road, only you humanity find time to kill over dirt that was never yours in the first place. I had a visual I was staring down the barrel of a gun. Then everything went black and I heard the weapon fire. I heard screams and then someone scream out. ”He has been shot!” Then Spirit said, ”Assassination.” I had a visual of a triangle-shaped vial. Multiple people drank from these small vials. Then in the most horrible way they all became ill. So many people became ill. 

Eric- Ask yourself did we predict this moment accurately. This entire post in World Predictions 12-8-20 is about this one moment right now in 2022. If everyone out there knew of this warning, could we have altered it? Even if our warning just helped one person, would it be worth it? Consider their warnings have weight. In the meantime I aim to strengthen their message. Together we can alter tomorrow. Help us. Share this message and let them judge the work. Share it over Twitter, FB, ATS, Reddit, your local media, college media, supernatural sites, everywhere and anywhere or you can Donate. We have raised enough to create the new Site, and help us with a Media blitz. I can always use more help, its about making an impact as we are determined not to allow that ghastly future to unfold. The future is ours. Always we only need but act! Donations:

9 thoughts on “Roman Abramovich Poisoned

  1. Eric, does the triangle-shaped vial part follow the assassination? Since the first time I read it, I have associated it with what happened in the bunker before the demise of the Third Reich….

  2. It’s not on the UK land though. Im guessing thats a different prediction yet to happen? Is the bold font bit the relevant bit of the prediction?

    1. Thats the part of the prediction that has happened. Some of the prediction has already happened and some hasn’t. Your right I am expecting more.

    2. There was Novichok poisoning of a Russian double agent and his daughter in Salisbury, UK in 2018
      A lot of diplomats were expelled afterwards

  3. The American tabloids recently published an article stating Putin would poison Russian oligarchs. No one believed this because a tabloid printed the article.

  4. This was just re-tweeted by our ambassador to the UN.
    “Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba just warned Ukrainian negotiators not to eat, drink or touch surfaces during the talks. Smart call.”

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