World Prediction: The Govenor

I asked for a date again, in regards to the California earthquake, but eventually I had one of those work days where I fell asleep, probably because I was partying with my friend, sorry. As I slept I had the most awesome vision:

I was walking up these steps, on the wall of the steps was this beautiful portrait of the story of Ganesha, carved and painted. Then I kept walking up this steep mountain terrain. I reached the top and there was two massively sized doors in front of me. The doors made me look like a spec of dirt on the ground. Because I was on top of a mountain the air was cold, the wind was heavy, and I felt a bit of a shiver. Then he appeared. It was him! I have had the honor of meeting him twice before.

Centered between the two large doors was a short stout man, in his 60s-70s. Bald head, wearing clothing that looked similar to a red monks outfit, however it had ties to the future and was deep red. In his left hand was a necklace of beads made of hematite and wood. He stands centered as the light reflected against his face, as he smiled at me with great joy. It was the legend himself Ganesha. The spirits very accurately call him the ’Govenor’. Just to clarify his role. When the Govenor walks, out of sheer respect all of the Spirits that serve our work stand behind him.

He looked at me and with an exubarant smile waved at me to come closer. Then with his right hand he made a funny look, “Look at this”. Then he put his left hand up. The massive doors behind him opened with a large thud. Within seconds the cold air was replaced with warm air. The ice melted in seconds and the water fell down the mountain. The wind moved with the opening of the door, and this massive bright light, lit the whole entire mountain. It was beyond bright.

The Govenor waved for me to come inside as he slowly walked inside. I pleasantly walked with him inside this endless light. He smiled as our two faces met. It felt so warm and joyful.

Eric’s opinion: Is the message for Eric and this work? It is possible that the message is simplying saying opportunity is rising. But I believe the message is for our world. I believe they are saying in this horrible moment, when everything is spiralling down, if you think the Spiritual realm is just going to do nothing, you are woefully mistaken.

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  1. Wow, this must have been very awesome. I hope you are correct, that all matters are under control. Personally I think they will intervene and not allow us to damage the world with wars of a nuclear nature.

  2. Thank you Eric, lately I’ve been nerve wracked over all of this since there is only so much I can do on my end for you and Spirit. Its nice to know everything is under control on the other side.

  3. Any news on the earthquake being northern or southern CA I believe you have predictions for both locations. Many thanks for all you do.

  4. Hi Eric,
    Intuitive here. After the 7.3 Japan earthquake I asked my guides in meditation if a bigger earthquake is coming soon because that one produce a small tsunami and I wanted to make sure. In meditation I saw a bigger earthquake coming soon with a bigger tsunami than the 7.3 Japan earthquake that just hit this month. Not sure if it’s this month or in April, but they also showed me April being in RED meaning the war in Russia/Ukraine could get worse or other countries could have attacks and be involved in April. Hope not, but definitely getting the message to tell everyone to keep praying for our world as more intense things may be coming soon around the corner. As always keep up the good work!

  5. Eric, I sent a couple of emails out about your recent messages today. I send this stuff to people I think would be open-minded enough to look at it. However, I do mention to others I think might be open enough to listen. Just a heads-up. Thank you for your service.

  6. Happy Birthday to you, Eric. With your beautiful new family, I’m hoping this birthday was a very special one.
    All the best to you.

  7. You’ve been talking about this year being like 1949. 1949 was the year NATO was founded, and we’ve certainly been hearing a lot about NATO lately.

    1. 1949 Russia detonates its first atomic bomb
      China expands communism
      1949 wasn’t a good year

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