Truth: The Lady Bug That Changed My Life

Truth! I held out specifically to share this story myself. This is one of seven of my most awesome moments in life.

So thoughts on our new direction? Thoughts on the videos? We are about to alter this entire site thanks to those of you helping us in droves. Thank you! The running idea from Spirit is for this site to look like a 1900s newspaper. To pay respect to the past that creates the future. The video here should meet the standard of look. So far this video is the closest I can get to the right 1900s look. (Elephant Shirt clearly not 1900s) What would you change? If you were me what would you alter?

Changes: The biggest obstacle is I want everyone to be able to go to this site and read just World Predictions and somehow add the news on the side of the post? Or a small message that the prediction happened? Perhaps a way to mark it? But this site should focus on our World Predictions and not an endless amount of ”This prediction has happened”

For now there will be Daily video of world predictions and then every Sunday post a recap of all the ”World Predictions” to document all the work.

Ideas: Hire an artist to draw and give bios for each Spirit involved. I need an awesome artist for that.


23 thoughts on “Truth: The Lady Bug That Changed My Life

  1. As an Artist myself, I feel the Black/White is a little stark and startling at first. Can I suggest you introduce some ‘Sepia’ colour and make the images a little softer. There is a lot available to help with this on ‘Duck Duck Go’ if you search for ‘Sepia Colour’ : Also, this video : gives a good example of how to – ‘Sepia effect photoshop tutorial’ . Hoping this is helpful to you.

  2. Just add VHS effect to Black and White effect. Yours looks more like some cartoon effect.

  3. Eric I’ve been reading your blog since 2016 and I almost never post comments. But I just have to tell you how much I really really love these new videos. I’m super excited you’re going to be doing daily videos. I think this is going to make a huge difference in your following. I’m going to subscribe to your YouTube video channel so I don’t miss anything. These are wonderful. Of the three videos I like the effect in the first one the best. I don’t know how it picked up on the energy of your third eye but it did. The other two versions didn’t. That’s why that first version gets my vote

  4. Although I prefer to read your predictions, this video wasn’t bad. Your deeper voice is better than the soft one. When I thought about what you looked like, I saw the younger voice and no beard. Now you look scary.

  5. Eric,

    I have a plan to stop War forever. I am not sure if it will be possible but maybe you can ask the spirits.

    1) Start a global online movement with #WORLDPEACE as the tagline where we ask Citizens of every country to fill out an official petition demanding their government to join their Military with the entire world’s military under one alliance. Much like NATO but everyone is welcome. This will help to fight terrorism together on the world stage and stop countries from being paranoid of each other since they can’t attack each other anymore and if one nation does decide to go rogue, they will have to face the might of the entire world’s military.

    2) Try to raise as much money as possible and spend every single penny on advertising to grow the movement. Try to get online influencers and celebrities on board. The more viral it gets, the more money can. be raised and more it can be spent on advertising.

    Celebrities always spout world peace but I don’t believe a celebrity has ever truly tried to start a movement with a plan to gather the people together and actually try and achieve world peace. What do you think Eric? Will this be possible?

    1. Looking at the future and what the ambassador does to the world. Its about power. In the future everyone on the entire planet has a say, has a voice, but the price for that voice is participation. Everyone has to participate on the running of the planet. Then the power is split. For instance only the people decide on the voting and what will change not the government chosing for us. So in the future it really is a system that would make it impossible for one man to have so much power to ruin everyone’s lives. But I love it!! One of the biggest issues we face as a world is not Racism itself but that fact that we still have it! Seriously raise you hands out there is you believe in racism? No? Why is it still here then??? Yes I am all for trying to fix a problem. Because we never do.

    2. I am sorry but i don’t believe that we can stop wars by building again an army! That’s how it started in first place actually by NATO trying to make bases in the Ukrainien territory although there was the Minsk agreement for neutrality! It was not at all a good idea to push and push Russia! Russia isn’t right at all of course for invading but NATO is not right either and now innocent people died because of this!

  6. Great video but personally for me the black and white is a bit harsh on the eyes and too animated. My earliest days of watching black and white TV are The Andy Griffith Show and my dad’s favorite Gunsmoke, maybe that’s what I was expecting to see as far as video goes. When you mention going for the look of a 1900’s newspaper I immediately think of ads for Sears Roebuck and Coca Cola or headlines of the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 or the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. Of course we never hope to see those headlines again!

    1. We have to pay respect to the past. It is the past and future that create the present. Its key to everything I do. I am now leaning back to the original look of my past lives in Nepal and Tibet. Just like our dragon on top. Then I won’t have to do black and white. It doesn’t work with todays tech.

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