Macabe The Lion on Top of The Mountain

Another wonderful story of our fearless leader Macabe. Macabe is different from the rest of the group, ancient on an epic scale. He presents himself in different forms, normally its a Lion, or Foo Dog, always part animal, part human. I asked him to show his true image, it was beyond beautiful. Energies of light all circling around each other enveloping itself, bright and intense. His most common view is that of a red Foo Dog or Chinese Lion, but he is short, stands up on two feet, and a bit round. Very much like a guard at heavens gate Macabe has three heavenly principles. Three pillars of adherence. We all follow them to the letter. The King is always first, Family second, and then the Craft (Talent). Serve those three to the best of our ability and in that order. If Bea had an emergency and we had to finish a very important prediction, family will always win. The King of heaven ensures that none of the Spirits do anything that is against heaven. The basic foundation of treating others better than you expect for oneself is all for the King. Macabe is very much like a general, touting his moral compass to always serve others and the King. You exist in his opinion for the service of others, like a Bee, fixing and pollinating life. You exist to be the glow, the light, the help of this specific moment right now. The whole ’me’ concept is utterly foreign to him. Nothing about you is singular. Everything you are is a product of someone else’s beauty.

So as the Captain of the ship all of us have an overwhelming respect for our leader, who I have to say is running the ship fairly well. It was a few years ago. Bea was just starting to evolve in her role as secretary of all our work here. We had one of the most rudest clients barking demands for my immediate attention. She was rude, then Bea was rude, then I was like WTF! The entire situation did not go well. I have an unfortunate lion side. I mean really you don’t look at the horrors of this really cruel world and not have this strutting lion beast side that no one messes with, or they will be eviscerated. I don’t know what to tell you, don’t upset the hungry lion and everything will be fine.

Bea is also my mother. Her loyalty to our cause is sound and she believes as I do that we could really make a difference one day. I mean if I could raise my game just a bit and had multiple consistent back to back predictions about natural disasters in all forms eventually people will start to heed the warnings. Just in the past few years that has started. It is very exciting for all of us to see just the smallest spark of change come from our work on a global scale. It is a sight. So understand Bea wanted very much to be apart of our lofty unheard of idea, alter tomorrows tragedy by showing you whats coming.

Unfortunately being this lion has one draw back, there is literally a much bigger lion in the room. It was three days later and I woke up to a large bang, like someone dropped a heavy book on the floor. As I got up I could see Macabe hovering in the twilight of the hallway. He was dressed like a Viking captain, human, full fur dress up, but oddly and very silly, he was wearing Benjamin Franklin Spectacles. I walked over to see what he was looking at on the wall in our hall. On the wall was the 10 commandments. He looked at them with his clearly unnecessary spectacles.. I mean really he needs glasses? The guy who looks clearly into the future has eye issues??

“Have you ever read this? This particular one says ”Honor thy..” Then he cupped his ear waiting to see if I knew. I knew where he was going. No one follows the law of the Covenant more intently then Macabe and Darcy. Darcy is the other commander but where as Macabe is the Captain, Darcy created and operates the ship we are all in. Every spirit has a different role. Lets remember, Macabe is the commander that demanded we return Tide laundry soap because we ‘accidently’ stole it from the store. Out of sheer apathy I refused to return it, but nope Macabe was determined to say ”Still Stealling!” So I caved. The laws of Moses will be adhered to because the King, his King, our King, requests it. So long story short, too late. I responded by quoting the Great Book, but was immediately stopped right before I could speak. He turned around and looked directly at me, the Viking had lion eyes! OMG I am in trouble, he has lion eyes and suddenly fear took over my body, thats not good.

“Lets step back from whats engrained on your wall. I am here to remind you, Ms Bea works for us, setting up readings, and by that measure works for me, I have issues when others who mistreat those that serve our cause.” The spectacles disappeared and I suddenly feel like I am lunch from a very carnviorous Lion, but in a slightly polite way.

Then he stepped back, he switched the conversation.

“Just wanted to come down here and share my humble opinion on the happenings of what will be a happy Leigh-Pink household. Work…”

He paused to think about what he was about to say. Keep in mind this was a few years ago when Trump was just rising.

“Unfortunately ‘Mean Pugsley’ is back on the world stage.” We have multiple vulgar and humorous names for all the world leaders. Especially the ones always causing problems. They are fairly insulting, but not something we plan to share, just bantering behind the scenes. Pugsley was the hefty odd child on the Addams family TV show. This is their symbol for Kim Jong Un leader of North Korea. Macabe is giving me a warning of the type of new predictions coming my way. Really bad predictions about mass death or unwavering evil are first presented with an “I am sorry”. Then the next day I normally receive the message.

“Well I am off, try not to rip off any heads while I am gone.” Macabe said as he cleverly fixed his fur coat.

”I got it boss, I really do.” I said.

He stopped, smiled, looked at me again, chuckling a bit and said

“Oh you better.” Jokingly, then he hugged and kissed me on the cheek, he always has this weird hug that is very squeezy.

The Lion on the top of the mountain was right.

Fun Note: Why is Macabe dressed like a Viking. Macabe is a shifter. He can shift from one space to another like skipping on plates of time, where as the rest of us are on a linear path. So his steps place him in multiple time lines both past and future, he is dressed for the next bubble of time he approaches which is in the past around the Viking Era. You should see some of these future clothes, we totally put the computer on us.

Another fun note: Under the same umbrella Macabe can freeze or hold time itself. When that happens the colors shift dramatically, the light becomes twilight. Why, because color and light is always moving, to freeze it, color fades. It is a sight.

9 responses to “Macabe The Lion on Top of The Mountain”

  1. Tirin Avatar

    Always assumed spirits on high were super polite at all times, they just like us in some ways I guess with that pugsley comment. lol

    Would love to see more positive predictions and stories like this more commonly if anything, dealing with the bad stuff can be tiring. 🙁

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Will do. As soon as we start sharing the distant predictions, WOW, it is an awesome future. I look at todays predictions and say, ouch every single time. Distant Predictions are like Christmas I can’t wait to see what is inside.

      1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
        T W Longtime Lurker

        Tuning is difficult to predict. Mostly due to human free will. Please do not feel bad.

    2. Donna B Avatar
      Donna B

      They seem to have a very good sense of humor too!!

  2. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    Macabe sounds like a loving grandfather.

  3. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    WOW, just fascinating! Is Macabe on most readings? Or Darcy? Or does it depend on whom you are reading for? Who shows up? Like if I’m being read for example, whom shows up? Does it depend on the day or the person or topic? Just wondering not really that important. Curious though. Like the Lion images . Jesus was always referred to as the “lion of Judah” interesting how Macabe shows up like a Lion and in different time periods.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      When you do a reading there are two groups, your guides and loved ones and then my group. During a reading, Marcus is the main individual chirping in my ear, but with him is Levi, Dee, Diana. The information comes from the group. Macabe would not be there. He is the host. So he would actually meet with your guides well before the reading. Have a quick conversation, talk about how it will go with the deceased, who will talk first. Then its handed off to me. Each Spirit has a different function. For instance if you had a health question Dee would take that. There is.a separate group for World Predictions but they do cross over. All of the groups are overseen by Macabe. Darcy is the artist, the canvas, she creates the visions I see. In the beginning it was only 4, now its an entire operation.

  4. Coroico Avatar

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for these fascinating insights. Curiously I was having a conversation earlier today where I was talking to someone about the possibility of stopping time (pretty much jokingly they were saying impossible and I was saying who knows what it is possible) and them I read this — let’s just say it resonated.

  5. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Eric, how interesting I am glad I asked!!! Wow so much goes into it! Pretty impressive!

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