The End And New Beginning

Thoughts everyone? I am hoping I can figure out how to put this on youtube so their is a transcription. If not i will transcribe soon.

Your Readings: I am open for phone readings! So many of you have been waiting patiently for in person readings. We will be waiting until all the foster children are vaccinated. Thankfully that will now be soon. I will keep everyone updated.

Reading with Eric Leigh-Pink, contact Bea at   

Please include your full name, dob, time you where born, Country and City you live in or time zone, how long you would like the reading 30 min, 1 hour, and 90 minute readings for couples and groups. 
Why do I need dob and time of birth? I need to point this massive telescope your way. Your full name and dob is vital to that. Time of birth? Just adds a bit more clarity. 

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  1. You can upload files directly from your phone or computer if you are logged in to your YouTube account.

    I don’t know how to use YouTube studios.

    Wikihow has excellent articles. Just type “wikihow to upload a file/video to YouTube.”

    Phone instructions (might work for computer):

    1) Tap on your pic that you use to represent you (upper right corner)

    2) Tap “Your Channel”

    3) Tap “Manage Videos”

    4) Tap “Create”

    5) Select from “Upload a Video” “Create a Short” or “Go Live.”

    5a) If you are going live I think it’s best to use your computer. There are other ways but I don’t know how.

      1. You are welcome!

        PS —> I put in the application. This was my second time in maybe 3 years. It’s near a school.

  2. Thank you for today’s audio message. I don’t know how you will create a new site the way the Spirits want but I do know God always provides when He asks us to do something.

    Maybe one of your blog readers has the knowledge & expertise to create the blog. Maybe someone here knows how to apply for grants that will help you.

    I do know the new blog will look and be amazing! I also think a new tone will be set.

    I advise keeping this blog in existence.

  3. Good morning! I hope you had a fun Halloween since it’s your favorite holiday! I just read our friend Pete’s newest blog seems encouraging in some ways but pretty dire in others. Do you see most of these same things? I know you like to not overload us on the bad things, but generally do your spirit friends see these things also??? Thanks for sharing more information!!

  4. After hearing the audio message, I believe energies and intentions are important as predictions can be altered based on that. What we believe is what we get, people don’t realize how powerful that ability is. I’ve read stories that setting your intentions through through your own energy connecting to the universe usually leads you on that path, but doubt/fear can block your blessings if you’re not careful.

    If I may suggest a idea, I believe a good direction is to teach the world to use their inherit psychic gifts as that would lead to a very good change for future generations. Lately there has been more psychics than ever before, and we need to keep pushing that for us to become more closer to the spiritual side of ourselves that we tend under-nurture due to worldly distractions. Considering you have many many followers on your blog this may work out.

    I believe the veil is collapsing is soon, and there is signs all around right now. Even paranormal events have been kicking up lately more than usual.

    1. This is a statement from my Spirit Friends at the beginning of my next Blog for 20/21st next weekend:

      And for the Blog the following weekend:
      “So it is that in this new Aquarian Age, Wisdom of the highest calibre will pour out like pure water, not just from a selected few, as has been the case in this past Pisces age, but all who choose to live a pure unadulterated life.

      The source of this ‘pouring’ is from Creation, via the Creator’s Helpers (your Spirit Friends of the Highest Calibre.

  5. Hi Eric. Extremely impressed with the ‘sound grab’ you posted above. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Your about to lead us all in a new direction, or should I say, your expansion/calling into this Their New World has begun for us all.

  6. I am somewhere in between in this discussion on intentions and the ideal new world concept. I have seen enough in my life how people with intentions, not necessarily of highest calibre, plough through like tractors without doubt and fear. All of us here need a healthy dose of doubt and fear from God or else we become righteous and self promoting. Therefore, I have no belief in the new world, the way it is being presented here. One can advance in my opinion by treasuring the best of what is old and respecting the best of traditions and above all – Nature. The new world to me sounds like a new smart phone, a new gadget that everyone seems to want while forgetting how great it was in the old way without a telephone when a friend showed up at the door unexpected and when mothers knew and sensed intuitively what happened to their children anywhere in the world.

    All of what is important here needs basis, roots and warmth. This I do not feel here yet. I invite everyone here to reflect Love first of all. Not the kind desiring to save someone somewhere but Love for yourself, for the person next to you, not in abstract far away places that we have never been to and will never visit. That kind of Love that is like a childhood blanket, cozy and warm – the world where all four seasons are right here and now.

  7. An ASP.NET Core web application could meet your needs running SignalR off of the cloud.

  8. Very nicely done Eric. I love listening to your messages on Spotify now. I did have to create an account first, but it was fairly easy and the basic Spotify App is free.
    Regarding the issues of food shortages in the near future… did you mention this is in or around 10 years then, a decade? Is this the same time period for rising seas? Thanks for all you do Eric.

    1. Oh my no, the decade is when it starts, honestly most of this message is for the generation of our children. But once it begins it’s hard to get out of. Until climate change gets fixed the shortage will hold. So it becomes a race for humanity to go the other direction. But we do race, aka the reason they were on the train, carbon footprint in this time is just not a thing.

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