Truth: The Dragon Returns To The River

Another Whopper. ‘Truth’ presented like a fable.

Everyday I sit in my perch doing readings for everyone around the world. Its the most awesome career ever. It’s quite the conversation opening. Who can say I have the honor of representing the Spiritual Realm. During this time you have my undivided attention. I will not answer any phones, or respond to any text, or respond to any message, nor do I allow anyone in my space. It’s you, me, and Spirit. This is sacred to me. The flaw of my work always comes in the form of distractions and I am determined to give you the most accurate reading I can.
So please, if you need to contact me immediately go through Bea. I understand your logical thoughts, go directly to the source. Unfortunately going to Eric first will only delay your request, simply because my focus is on giving my best work. Please email Bea for all readings. She is awesome at setting up all readings and does a far better job than I ever did at organizing readings.

Reading with Eric Leigh-Pink, contact Bea at  

Please include your full name, dob, time you where born, Country and City you live in now or time zone, how long you would like the reading 30 min, 1 hour, and 90 minute readings for couples and groups.
Why do I need dob and time of birth. I need to point this massive telescope your way. Your full name and dob is vital to that. Time of birth? Just adds a bit more clarity.

5 thoughts on “Truth: The Dragon Returns To The River

  1. Bit unrelated to this topic, but lately I’ve noticed the American people have been really awful to each other more and more as time has gone on concerning the vaccines.

    I don’t like what I’ve been reading lately, and its greatly upsetting. I wish these vaccines didn’t have inherent issues to begin with else people would all gladly take it. It seems to me people don’t care how many casualties there will be over this in a year or two.

    The sad thing is damned if you do take it or damned if you don’t.

    I’m praying the 2nd gen. vaccines come out soon, so everything will calm down since its supposed to be much safer.

    Some people already died from the shot within a few days of it, and the media is completely keeping a lid on it. So many upset families I’ve read about it across social media, and they’re mad at the Medical Industry and want some form of justice.

    Sadly some parts of this populace don’t care what happens to them as long they’re forcefully given the vaccination in their mindset.

    Idk what about you Eric, but I’m starting to hate this country for what it has become.

  2. Eric, I was looking at your most accurate prediction list. You have said that the economy of Europe and the US would be going down 2 years ago and still everything is still high. Is there any prediction on this?

    1. That happened during the pandemic. Everyone lost jobs, money, houses. Our entire economic lives soured. There was even a day in 2020 when stocks plummeted historically. Is that what your asking?

    2. Everything is not high. The economies have been severely affected by the pandemic

      1. To be fair it depends on where and who you are. Some nations where pulverize during the pandemic while others did not. It’s actually an interesting point, because that is one major flaws of my work. No matter how I try my place here in the United States influences my view. We were hit really hard, so my view is from that perspective.

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