Oh the lights have turned back on, the wheels just now started to turn, and my boss is back, our resting space is closing. Soon we will have to put these stories off to the side, it’s time to get back to predicting the world. We aren’t entirely ready, but the boss feels we can catch up with my Adrian Monk perfection later, after we have already started. The first step, predict what’s coming “Next”.

It’s time to introduce our leader. The Conductor of this orchestra you read daily. The true author of these World Predictions. The one in charge of all things I do Spiritually &

Prayer, I should probably share that when I say let’s pray it means some very different. We should be on the same page to avoid confusion.

9 thoughts on “Macabe

  1. What do we need to do to prevent this nuclear strike that Macabe and the Creator showed? Is this related to that unhinged maniac in the late part of this decade?

  2. I’m sorry you have been attacked. No one should attack the Teddy Bear!

  3. I think Macabe wants the truth to come out so we can make changes for the better.

  4. “I’m having dinner right now” love it. A response that says so many things at once that many can relate to.
    -my day is over
    -my foods getting cold
    -I want to eat and relax
    -I don’t want to talk about this with you

    Thanks for keeping the posts coming!

  5. Prayer, I really identify with you on prayer. I feel a strong connection to nature too. When my brother & I where young my mother would say let’s go to nature church. She would take us to nature parks, woods & lakes to be in nature. I did the same with my children and now my grandchildren. Nature is my church, my connection to my mother, my loved ones, my connection to spirit and so much more. Your wisdom, message and light are greatly appreciated in my life. Thank you Eric.

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