Poseidon Rises

This prediction is happening. Prayers for all especially Europe and China. Unfortunately more is coming.
Tone predictions, reflect the moment, but are a bit vague. From the old predictions about the Era of Vulgarity made years ago. To the rising hate and racism in America. The rise or return of Jim Crow. We have been predicting the tone of our world. In this moment at this time Poseidon is planning to strike our world. All things water in 2021 will be very, very, bad, typhoons, Hurricanes, tsunamis, and a horrible winter. These tone predictions will become a new staple moving forward. I can feel the tone of terrorist around the corner, and one epic abnormal heat wave coming. I can also feel the awe of the brand new Era of Eyes Open, that we just now stepped in. Tone has an important role moving forward. It’s a new branch growing very fast.

Tone Message: I had a visual of Poseidon throwing his Trident at the world. “Historical floods approach.”

World Predictions 2-24-21 I had a visual of Poseidon throwing his trident at the world. 
This prediction has already started, from the horrible cold freeze reaching south to the long lists of floods across the globe. 
In April we are expecting even larger flooding. Kansas, Mississippi River, India, multiple island nations. This year flooding is rampant. 
The visuals were very heavy handed with vehicles under water. My hope is to gather more specific locations as the moments approach. 

Now the key that I am trying to master, is it’s obvious Spirit is pointing to a very specific timeline in the future. Each tone we predicted; rising vulgarity, closed doors, rising hate, rising violence, rising floods, rising knowledge. It went in order, but what I need to understand is exactly how far in the future are these tone messages. These waves coming towards us? I haven’t calibrated that correctly yet. I am still learning that. Once I have that, then we can really help everyone with tangible knowledge, prevent the tragedies of these future floods.

149 thoughts on “Poseidon Rises

      1. I suspect its because on how we treat each other worldwide, and the news media is one reflection of it currently.

        I see ourselves somewhat in the middle of a beautiful transformation however, and the ones trying to halt it are trying to keep humanity in the dark ages which is not happening this time because our knowledge expanded and it is still expanding.

  1. HI Eric. My humble suggestion is Astrology. It is the key to all of this. The old age of Pisces,(fish, Poseidon, Neptune, etc) is slowly being replaced by the Age of Aquarius. Everything that was Pisces is opposed by Aquarius. As the new replaces the old, the old fights back. The more the resistance, the harder the transition. We had plenty of warning from the ‘god’ of Aquarius of what was to come, back in the 1960’s. Climate change being a big ‘heads up’.
    I am not an Astrologer, but I’ve been following it for at least since the 1970’s. A combination of my Spirit Friends and the Astrology of the likes of Leo Knighton Tallarico, who I know is a regular visitor to your site here, has helped me understand predictions.
    Wondering it that might be a tool that could add depth and breadth to your predictions.
    As always, I love what you do, and am so glad that your health matters seem to be definitely under control. Petet

    1. I do wonder if the Ghislaine Maxwell case might be the first major step during this new age, from what I know from the grapevine that the Judge on the case is gathering up individuals and then proceeding with it sometime in November?

      I just wonder how many powerful individuals are going to fall with Maxwell once it happens.

      There is just something about this case that makes it different than the usual.

  2. Eric,
    Flash floods from Ida swamp NYC, shut down subway system as meteorologists warn, ‘Seek higher ground now!

    Soaking rains from the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida sparked “catastrophic” flooding in some areas around the city, sending walls of water cascading into the city’s subway system that shut it down entirely.
    The dousing dumped rain at a mind-boggling 3-5 inches an hour, the National Weather Service reported Wednesday night. Mayor de Blasio declared a state of emergency

  3. Eric,SWC,
    Update on BC flooding.✔️

    This is disastrous! Supply chains disrupted! Mountains of grains stranded in Canada after unprecedented storms hit Vancouver, Canada’s largest port, during peak shipping season – Force Majeure!

    Vancouver storm: Flooded highways and rail lines in BC disrupt supply chains – largest port in Canada closed


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