Mars Helicopter Ingenuity

This prediction continues, Congratulations NASA.

World Predictions 1-4-21  I had a visual of two groups desperately trying to achieve a marvel with their ‘Remote’ vehicle. Both sides tried to fulfill their parts. Then someone excited said “Did we do it?” Then a roaring cheer, yes they did.

Other accurate historical space predictions made: Notes on 3-10-15 Mars   

18 thoughts on “Mars Helicopter Ingenuity

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how humans can do this so far away. Have the spirits ever talked about humans living on other planets one day?

  2. Hi Eric its been a while, I’ve been wanting to ask you this, but I was slightly hesitant at first because I don’t want to be ridiculed by others on here. I’ve been following some psychics about the trial vaccines, and they’re worried this is going to cause Dementia & fertility issues and even affecting yet-to-be-born souls on this planet. We’re apparently not going to get the real deal vaccine until 2025-2026 that doesn’t hurt the body in such a way.

    I’ve felt something was wrong about these vaccines, and I’m always been pro-science, but this time something wasn’t ringing right from all the anecdotal cases from other people I’ve been reading on lately. Yes the vaccines are going to wipe this virus out, but there is a price to pay for it and may not even be worth it.

    Then of course another psychic said the virus is supposed to get much weaker sometime during the summer, so here hoping that happens.

    Tragedy maybe have been stopped, but it may open up another tragedy we won’t see until some years later.

    I’ve become frustrated with the tribalism surrounding this virus and vaccine, and that is going to be a problem until the truth comes out or at least according to her and people are going to become very angry and upset –

    I’ve been trying to seek answers from people’s various spirit guides surrounding all of this.

    Personally I’m getting really tired of the Medical Professionals doing this deliberately or not by not acknowledging concerns because they have been doing this with past vaccines before, one minute they were adamant that vaccines were not connected to blood clots, but when push comes to shove they acknowledged it. I can’t stand liars in this regard, and especially people like that playing with other people’s lives.

    1. I haven’t heard anything negative about it from Spirit. We had a target timeframe of a “fat year” in regards to this virus ending. With the vaccine in full effect that’s really looking possible. So all things point to good news.

      1. You always been on point, I’ll have to think it over if I should get the shot.

        I’m just scared of being of that rare statistic. 🙁


          I’ve been following this medical expert, he apparently used to be very well respected until he spoke out about these experimental Phase IV vaccines.

          I’m sorry Eric, but something isn’t right and my intuition is sending alarm bells and what he is saying correlates to the horrible things I’ve heard and read about what happen to people taking the shot, and some resulting in death and its heart breaking reading those comments because the media isn’t allowing their voices to be heard and its downright criminal and even some deaths was not covid-related and purposely inflating the numbers and these people are livid from what I was reading.

          I don’t see how Professor Sucharit Bhakdi could be wrong when his medical field is Microbiology which he has taught for a very long time.

          I’m not saying your spirit guide is wrong by any means, but I feel there is a message missing somewhere that seriously should be addressed.

          I’m concerned there is a truth being concealed about these vaccines, and its upsetting me greatly.

          1. Honestly, and with all due respect, you guys need to take a break from the internet. There is so much false information circulating about these vaccinations, and there is so many people buying into this false information… it’s not good. It’s not good. The only real concern is the AZ vaccination, which causes blood clots in approximately 1 in every 250000 thousand people. Get your information from the World Health Organization or the CDC – scientists and doctors who have dedicated their lives studying virology, microbiology, etc. Not from some dude on YouTube. Don’t buy in to the BS – that the cure is somehow worse than the disease. That’s BS. Take a break. Breathe. And get your shot.

          2. Kali, I suggest you go with your gut feeling, as that is really all any of us can do at the end of the day. In my circle there are many who have doubts, and are not getting one. I am not getting one, due to having an auto-immune condition and being at risk for a cytokine storm. We are receiving mixed messages, even from the so-called experts, who have changed their thoughts at the drop of a dime all throughout the pandemic. “Just 2 more weeks”…

            My own question has always been “Where are the bio hazard bins?” for these masks – but when I ask, I just get blank stares because no one can answer that. I agree with Blue Sky in that it seems that it is one big experiment on humanity…and would further add that the lock downs are an experiment in each country, on how much control will be tolerated by the people.

            1. I agree with Ericz though, I think I’m letting fear overtake me and I need a break, but it doesn’t mean I trust the companies involved because I can’t discount of the stories of the families that took the shot. AZ, and the other companies except Moderna have a history of past violations that makes me think they’re not as clean as they look and that only makes more suspicious of them.

              The best thing I can do is keep low contact with anyone for their safety, and stay safe and healthy or I can chance the Moderna shot. I had already got a answer from my spirit that either option that I’m going to be ok.

  3. I was hoping the coming full moon would shed some light on some new predictions. Been eerily quiet lately, makes me wonder if they are building up to something big.

  4. I see that you are tired and having trouble getting or feeling into the swing of things. lots of questions about vaccines. is something off about them yes but if the world ended tomorrow because of the vaccine, I would want to go with my family and friends, not be behind for the rebuild, is my view. hope you feel better soon, it really is okay to take breaks

  5. Hi Eric. I hope you’re feeling well – as well as all your readers. Thank you for all that you do for everyone and it is pretty spectacular how on point your predictions are. I just wondered about coronavirus because it’s been raging since Jan 2020 and now with India, and all.these new variants with scientific articles look at them potentially evading immunity (not rendering the vaccine ineffective just perhaps not being the silver bullet many wanted to believe)… Does spirit know how long this is going to be around? Will the vaccines be enough to work on new variants? I hope all is well. God bless you and yours.

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