Trump Acquitted Again

This prediction has happened “Impeachment Tried Twice” predicted in 2018. I know it’s the 13th but wow one day off, as they marked 12, this is now over. I truly hope the only thing Spirit has left to say is “The end” because I am kind of done with this political mess.

World Prediction: Impeachment Trial The second time like the first will not pass. I had a visual of multiple people pointing their thumbs down.

PREDICTIONS 4-11-18 “Huge scandal coming.. White house.. tit for tat.. what’s in it for me.. I did you a favor now you owe me a favor.. flush for cash.. this is the scandal that will eventually be his undoing.. impeachment tried twice.. mockery..”. Spirit implied that the house of cards would fall apart in July for Trump. Spirit showed a picture of Trump and then tore it. Could the message mean something else? They also showed 12 as when all things would come to a head.

PREDICTIONS 3-7-18 No evidence of direct collusion with Donald Trump.. vindication!  . But then the scandal is unearthed and this time it will not pass. Through the lense of multiple shady deals; What’s in it for me, what can you offer me. It will cripple his leadership.

World Predictions 4-5-19 I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out. The Spirits pointed out I am missing parts:  I had a visual of the US flag wrapped around its poll upside down. “Liberty.. which was held sacred at one time.. will be under attack.. trampled”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-3-20. Protest.. civil disobedience.. civil war.. fever pitch words.. Trump.. hold onto power.. in 20.. A disastrous moment.. bloody.. short.. a nation torn.. the leadership begins to fall and fall quickly. 
From cruel words.. from cruel verbiage back and forth.. violence becomes the new way.

Prediction 31: The Storm Prediction 31: The Storm A dark storm is coming over the Capitol, over the White House, and the United States as a whole.

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  1. Hi Eric, he got away with it again and, like you, I am sick and tired of Trump and his games! Let’s hope he whistled away (😜) never to be seen again!

    1. No, he didn’t. Trump will face criminal charges There are grand juries in New York and Georgia. Grand juries exist to indict people. The DC attorney general and DOJ are looking to do the same. Donald Trump is a broken man. The evidence has shown. The media is just ignoring all this for ratings. There are no magic wands. Those pundits saying so are liars.

  2. God forbid this man runs again, and wins again in 4 years because quite frankly the charges brought in the prediction were not discussed during this second impeachment. It had everything to do with the insurrection of January 6th. That, or the prediction was averted through divine intervention. I don’t mean to discredit your worm at all, Eric. Just pointing the fact that the prediction content does not fully apply with what was being discussed in the trial.

      1. Thanks for clarifying. Perhaps Trump will be grooming the next candidate to uphold his ideals and expand upon his presidential work, should said candidate be elected in 2024 or 2028. He said this ”patriotic movement has just begun” Josh Hawley was named as a potential runner but he has faced backlash for his open support for Trump, and the takeover of the Capitol. He’s one to watch.

          1. I’m so curious how the military one comes into play. I know that you had a prediction about the president falling ill but not long after didn’t Trump catch COVID-19? I feel like I remember thinking that must’ve been what you had predicted but maybe my perception of time was off. Didn’t you predict he would also serve a longer than normal term? Also wondering if you kept seeing military because since the new administration has taken office military have been guarding the grounds of the WH?

  3. Sadly, this outcome was to be expected. I’m sick of politics myself but we can’t say that this is truly the end. There will be a day when Trump will face justice. New York and Georgia are ready and waiting for him. So he needs to watch his step.

    What’s important now is that this country must heal and get stronger. It’s going to take awhile for everything to get straighten out but America has always gotten back up and stood its ground. People need to realize that our leaders do not care about us but we should care.

  4. Acquittal is not only approval of Trump’s effort to overturn the election and install himself in power, it is an invitation for him or someone else to do try it again. Luckly the Trump financial nepotism bombshell that’s coming in a few months – likely July? – will force more than 7 Republicans to have a backbone and hold him accountable.

  5. Watch how Trump reacts to this acquittal. If he continues to incite, claim the election was stolen, tries to exact retribution against the Republicans who voted to convict, if any get threatened (including Beuttler,) expect a censure vote and perhaps a 14th Amendment one.

    Trump learned nothing from his first impeachment acquittal because he went and tried to do the very thing he was impeached over, which was trying to extort a leader into helping him in the election – in this case the leader was the Georgia SecofState that he tried to extort into helping him steal the GA election he loss, not the Ukrainian president he tried to extort into helping him in the election.

  6. Hi Eric and SWC.

    As my regulars know I’m off air for a few weeks at my Blog as I wait for more info from my Spirit Friends.
    However, after reading your current three posts Eric, I thought I’d throw this into your Blog as a means for us all to see this is not some small encounter we are witnessing, this is quite big:

    Please understand that this is not a case of Democrats fighting Republicans, or Capitalists fighting Socialist/Communist. It is the new Aquarius Age overturning the passing Pisces age.
    It is the structures, the governances, the rules of law that are the core that this new Energy is seriously disturbing, and it is doing it, not just to the US but to the whole world, to show the stability/instability of our current systems.
    It was no coincidence that we had Trump’s Presidency, the Covid 19 virus, the limitations and restrictions on all things Aquarian as we move over to the new: The old doesn’t want change and the new can’t tolerate the old.
    We have a lot of suffering and pain coming to us for around five years if we refuse to see the bigger picture.
    Both Eric, myself and other world renowned mediums have predictions that see a turmoil in the world, and especially America, for quite some time to come. So please don’t become a part of the pain, become a part of the healing. Wait, watch and learn. Pete

    1. Hi Pete,

      I’ll throw my own 2cents in here too.

      As part of the change & healing it would be good if people could just let go & NOT talk about Trump.

      Depriving him of oxygen & not allowing him any further traction would quell or at least minimize the vengeful hysteria that surrounds him.

      Agreed, Aquarian energy is about change but often with little consideration to the cost.

      If Trump posed any threat of actually overturning the results & making a come back, I’d say yes; dialog & passion should continue. But he’s not.

      As you say, negative or “trickster: energy feeds of chaos, misinformation, lies, hate & fear. It would not be putting one’s head in the sand by ignoring him (Trump). It would be more like putting the lid on a burning pot & extinguishing the flames.


      1. Yes I fully agree. However, this Age change we’ve just entered is like no other.
        The last one was 2000 years ago.
        It is going to take every ounce of courage, fortitude and Spiritual belief for all of the world’s people to get through what’s ahead of us.
        Trump was just a trigger, as was the virus.
        To rise above ‘Trump’ means we need to see the bigger picture, and to see that there is more to life than what we have, to this point, created. Pete

  7. I would love to know what spirit thinks of all this hate towards this man. Does spirit see nothing wrong with anything or anyone else?
    The rioting and calls to blow up things and kill police? The destruction of cities and private business?
    These comments would have us believe that the US is perfect and no trouble would exist if not for one man named Trump.
    With all the horrible things to worry about, is it not time for kindness and prayer rather than continued hope for vengeance?
    It’s over. Let in some light and join together in healing.
    A spirit that I admire would want that.

  8. I’m talking about the comments mostly. I see an awful lot of hate directed at one man as if the world would be perfect without him.
    Maybe if as you say the spirits don’t judge, they predict is true, they are seeing all the vitriol day after day coming from every direction, and it doesn’t take a spirit to know that that leads to increased hate, evil, darkness, and unhappiness.
    Delighting and wishing for the destruction of a human being brings only more evil to the world. Try praying for forgiveness and love to spread to all instead.

  9. Hi Eric! You were very accurate with these predictions. I think the fact that it was so accurate amplifies what you have said in the past, that it is very important for Spirit to establish your reputation for this type of prediction and it looks like it went well. You have mentioned so many times in the past the importance of political predictions: you already foresee a political leader in the future who must be stopped or there will probably be WW3 or other horrible outcomes.
    Politics seems to attract many money and power hungry people, we need to find a way to prevent them from gaining office in the first place. Maybe they should do psychological evaluations to at least rule out extreme narcissists and people with no empathy for others…like psychopaths…from being able to run for office. I wish someone would work on this but they probably won’t.
    Trump was a known bully as a child and teenager. He showed his bully mind set as president. Some people looked at that and thought it was strength and determination…it was only bullying and selfishness. I think his soul was crying when he turned into the type of president he turned out to be. The soul would love Trump and know his gifts and abilities and how to best use them for his soul-purpose…since he ignored his inner voice for shiny materialistic things and conquering beautiful women he missed out on being the type of man his soul would have led him to be. Now he will become an example of what not to do as president. I am pretty sure of that. He could also be an example of how not to act as a spiritual human being–“do unto others as you would have others do unto you!”
    We are all loved so much more than we can imagine by our soul and Spirit. I don’t take any joy in criticizing the ex-president. I just want to make the point that he will face the music after he passes and then he will face the pain he caused to many, including little immigrant children as well as their parents…
    I don’t say this to cause a storm of pro-Tumpers arguing for him and against my views…I am just saying history and his own soul will judge him.
    The republican party has let him change their party into the Trump party. I don’t think they will understand that for a few years. It may recover someday. Right now they don’t understand the cravenness of their whole world-view–they only think in the short term and they only think of their own political survival–not what is best for the country. Yes I know the Democratic party isn’t perfect either. They are politicians also. Yet on this one subject they got it right–Trump should be punished for encouraging violence on others. We didn’t see too many people die in the Capitol insurrection, but it was sooo close to being many more people hurt or dead. In my mind I felt it was tooo close, way too close for comfort.

    1. Yes. I do believe if Republicans had voted honestly, Trump would have been convicted. Perhaps some of the Republicans voted in fear, thinking that if Trump won, and they voted to convict, that they would be Trump’s next target. Perhaps some voted with blind loyalty, ignoring the attack on the capital and ensuing deaths. It leaves a stain in our nation’s history that we cannot convict a president that has instigated an attack on the Capital.

      Thinking ahead to the prediction of a dark leader, will we see something similar? Blind loyalty, and fear that people cannot vote honestly? It may not be our country with this leader, but a charismatic leader but who is a dark leader could have a similar outcome.

          1. They have not used that verbiage. However there is no one historically worse than him. You could argue he has the worst weapons available in history, he just has no problem using them.

            1. Yikes! This prediction was always worrisome to me. We should all keep our eyes and ears open.

  10. Why are so many pointing fingers at one man while condoning the action of others? It’s clear to me the House members AND the media are to blame for publicly displaying and expressing their hate for one man – that is what incited all this hate to begin with. That’s where it all started if you ask me.

    The rioters that stormed the Capital were all adults and all solely responsible for their own choices and their own actions. Democrats are just as much to blame because they convinced and allowed the general public to believe that to “hate someone” is OK. All at tax payer expense of course.

    The bloodthirsty media lacks the integrity to tell the truth because the truth does not boost their ratings and leaves them behind the competition. Even when there is still so much good and kindness in the world, they only focus on violence, hate and hanging fear over our heads by twisting and manipulating the real truth.

    God heal this nation and put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

  11. Dream. I saw a procession of black high end cars leaving an American government building with the windows blacked out. I heard the word arrested.

  12. Could your snow prediction be about these Texas snow storms? Apparently this is unprecedented there.

  13. Fact check: Trump lawyers make multiple false claims in impeachment defense

    1) Defense team misleadingly omits Trump’s remarks defending violence since he ran/had been president (list of examples in article)

    2) Trump’s lawyer falsely claims Trump’s first two tweets during the Capitol attack urged calm: (Trump’s first tweet didn’t urge calm and the mob was already in the Capitol)

    3) No, the media wasn’t lying that there was hacking during the 2016 election

    4) Castor falsely claims rioters didn’t attend Trump’s DC speech: (Court documents and video footage show that some Trump supporters did make this walk from the Ellipse to the Capitol, undermining Castor’s claims. And all of this ignores the fact that insurrectionists near the Capitol could have listened to Trump’s speech on their phones or could have been inspired by Trump’s previous rhetoric.)

    5) No, Georgia did not see a ‘dramatic drop’ in ballot rejection rates: (The Georgia Secretary of State’s office noted that “the rejection rate for absentee ballots with missing or non-matching signatures in the 2020 General Election was 0.15%, the same rejection rate for signature issues as the 2018 General Election.”)

    6) Trump lawyers misleadingly use Biden comment on peaceful protest: (This video cut was misleading. Biden was correct when he said that the vast majority of racial justice protests in 2020 were peaceful; he was not describing riots as peaceful. Biden has repeatedly condemned rioting.)

    7) Trump lawyers falsely claim trial violated due process: (This is false. An impeachment inquiry is a political process, not a criminal case, therefore the constitutional rights of criminal defendants, such as due process, do not apply.)

    1. The false allegations of doctored evidence admitted at trial were:

      1) a blue check mark where there was none, and

      2) showing spliced, out-of-context video snippets: (Trump’s spliced, out-of-context 9-minute video snippets make it seem like Dem officials are saying “fight” while the full context video shows them just repeating what Trump told his supporters to go and do on the 6th – evidence of Trump saying “fight” to his supporters was from his tweets and video at his D.C. rally on the 6th.)

  14. There are 4 criminal cases against Trump. (3 civil)

    Manhattan DA probe of Trumps finances.
    Atlanta DA probe of trump election schemes.
    ga’s secy of state probing Trumps calls.
    DC AG and DC US attorney possible incitement of violence.

    If your every word, every email, every tweet, every letter, every bank statement. phone call, breath in breath out was recorded, logged, watched then sooner or later you will find a crime.

    It now looks like spite and bitterness to pursue trump in such away to the non American world.

    America’s 2 previous presidents and other world leaders who aided them brought the world to it’s knees in an orgy of bombings, invasions, mayhem war and murder. That tide of human misery flooded into Europe and brought the trauma, resentment, and war with them.

    It’s baffling as to what it was that Trump did so wrong as to deserve such a vicious, never ending relentless pursuit of his demise and destruction.

    It’s even more baffling that the previous warmongering presidents didn’t raise a whimper in a post presidency.

    There is no doubt Eric is a highly tuned medium and a compassionate soul for bringing what he does to us on his blog. I never want Eric to feel disheartened or unfairly challenged. Some times I profoundly disagree with Eric but I always see the beauty in his stance.

    Nov 3rd Biden 50 20/0

    With doubt you ensure chaos. The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs.
    The light on them is to bright, their actions become overly obvious.

    Was this prediction interpreted wrongly?

    All psychics interpret their information as they understand the world to be. They are human and as such may have relayed the message perfectly but given it the wrong interpretation due to bias.

    As soon as i saw the prediction I thought Trump sweeps it. Up until the vote counts were closed down Trump was on course to smash it.

    The FAKE media announces Biden is president and runs the dirtiest smear campaign against trump and his supporters ever.

    I respectfully draw your attention to the fact that DC is still surrounded by military fencing and armed military and would say that this is not over yet. it has to be a very serious matter for the military to be involved in civilian affairs.

    1. Check out Eric’s prediction on 9-10-17. I’ve tried to post numerous times and it won’t go through on anything. It’s very frustrating but it is word for word what Trump claimed happen in this election. Mind-blowing accuracy.

  15. “After conclusion of impeachment trial, most Americans feel Trump should have been convicted

    “New ABC News/Ipsos poll: Three-quarters believe senators voted based on partisan politics, not fact

    “Overall, 58% believe Trump should have been convicted, and a similar number (61%) say the charges were serious enough for him to be impeached and put on trial.
    While a vast majority of Democrats (88%) and most independents (64%) believe Trump should have been convicted, just 14% of Republicans agree.”

    1. Everyone knows their polls are biased. And how many people do you know that actually take these polls? I know none, myself included.

    1. With no disrespect intended, most of the information you are posting is on the basis of formed opinions and not on a factual basis. They are also from knowingly slanted sources (I understand the difficulty when trying to navigate due to there being little middle ground; most outlets are either far right/far left these days) who tend to have eyes in one direction. While I understand that it is highly possible that election fraud didn’t take place, there are still many valid arguments that it possibly did. I suppose we will find out eventually.

      1. “Electoral college.. manipulation.. hacking.. cunning swipe.. security farce.. people from one district moved to another and visa versa to alter the win without eliminating the voter… each individual still counted.. the speaker will know.”

        Wow thank you I hadn’t seen/remembered that one.
        Incredible detail on Eric’s behalf.

        1. As I recall that had Russia attached to it. But you make a valid point it sounds like something Trump would argue. We plan to ask Spirit directly whether there was voter fraud. I just need to ask all of you exactly how to pose the question. Talking to them is like talking to google, you ask they give you a direct answer. So we need to figure out what we really want from the question. Is it just about fraud in general or are we asking if there was fraud beyond the 7million gap between candidates. I understand how the electoral college works, but we would still need millions to change the outcome.

  16. Some ideas as to what to ask. Hopefully one will feel right for how you and spirit work together.

    Did election fraud alter the out come of the 2020 American presidential race?

    Did the Democrats steal the election? would be as direct as can be.

    Did the media wrongly call the election for Biden?

    Why are the capitol buildings within a secure military zone?

    Sidney Powel is opening her case at SCOTUS on the 19th.

    It may be there is a veil around information for now to protect life’s and processes, so we will understand if spirit is not responsive to a question on this matter.

    1. It has to be simple an short. Democrats steal election? That for instance would work. Some of these others might be too long. I need to carry it in a meditative state,

  17. If that works for you yes.

    I really appreciate your efforts to look at this again and I’m sure others will to. Thank you.

    1. I find myself shocked with some of their answers, I don’t want to go on a foil hat rant but some of those conspiracy theorists on certain subjects hold weight. So I have learned not to follow what everyone (the masses) just believes. I am curious to see what they say.

      1. A foil hat might be a good investment with all of the rain we’ve been getting HAHA. I’m joking, but thank you for always keeping an open mind. I honestly think that is more difficult than standing steadfast in certain beliefs.

  18. Wow for psychics you people sure are blind. Your boy Biden is acting like the dictator with all his executive orders he didn’t even try to let things go through Congress. As far as President Trump goes if nothing else he showed us that it is not Democrat against Republican it is the government itself against its people. That’s how they are trying to divide us but they all work for the same team Democrats and Republicans. And that team is power and richness. At the expense and the backs of their constituents. As far as the election goes the media did try to steal it. I was watching on TV that night and I saw Trump lose votes and I looked at my friend and said how does that happen how can that be possible to lose votes. Now we know it was done from the machines that were hooked to the Internet. Because we the people do not elect politicians and our president it is chosen by the elites! We have had taxation without representation for years. That’s why when you elect somebody they don’t keep their promises once they get in they do whatever the hell they want whether they’re Democrat or Republican because they’re already bought and paid for by the power elites. So please wake up people and realize it’s not Democrats against Republicans none of that matters, it’s the rich and powerful elite against the common people like it always was and always has been. And the sooner we wake up and see The sooner things will change.

  19. This story confirms Trump didn’t order in the National Guard, VP did. Military was ignoring the lunatic in charge who was enjoying the violence and refused to call in the Guard. Republicans who still stand with Trump are monsters:

    “Former VP Pence’s Chief of Staff Reveals New Details About Evacuation, Deployment of Nat’l Guard During Capitol Insurrection”


      Nancy knew what was going to happen. Trump suggested national guard be on scene, in line with Sunds request for that day, prior to January 6th and congress denied the request due to “optics”. Not only did they know what was going to happen, they wanted it to in order to damage the last little bit of trumps decency to the American people. Nancy’s hatred of Donald Trump has truly been her biggest downfall. She and the rest of congress have accomplished nothing for the American people in years because they have been completely absorbed trying to destroy the entire existence of one man. It is truly shameful.

      1. I totally agree. It’s time for Nancy to step down. All she’s accomplished is showing disrespect to our country, our leadership and our citizens. I never saw such a despicable act (that went unpunished) by an elected official when she tore up the State of the Union speech in front of millions of Americans. That pretty much set the tone for “it’s perfectly okay to destroy property that doesn’t belong to you” and just a few months later, that’s exactly what happened. Rioters storming the Capital, looting and burning down cities will continue if we don’t find leaders that can work things out in a manner that can unite this country rather than tear it apart like she has.

        1. Spot on, Kim. I think it was a culmination of happenings involving government officials, congress, big tech and the media corporations. They all bare some guilt in January 6th. Our countries polarized partisanship is truly the biggest threat to our country at this point in time. We need to eradicate the self serving members of our government and elect people who truly care for the American people.

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